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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Swim Good - from the archives

Photos by: me 
I'm about to drive in the ocean
Imma try to swim from something
Bigger than me
Kick off my shoes
And swim good

I found this old post on my archive and decided to posted. I really cannot figure out why I didnt post this back in 2015 

Friday, August 23, 2019

New start

I took an involuntary break from this posting here due to a new job. I decided to post here again because I missed taking pictures and I miss doing this on the side. I'm not going to be able to out everyday, but once in a while at least.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Je voudrais flâner avec toi

 Photos by: Me 

Its been so long but "The hills" is still one of my favorite shows from back in the days. One of my favorite moments was when KellyC. was telling Lauren to just loosen up. I don't know if I could live my life without having a plan. But I guess the key is to be able to take short breaks from your planes and just walk aimlessly. Sometimes you need those moments to get back in the right path. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

I put you on repeat.

 Dress: Monky, Boots: Nelly, Jacket: H&M
Photos:By me

I rarely do repeats or remixes on my blog. It might almost seen like I don't wear the same clothes twice. But to prove you wrong I decided to post this look that I shot at the beginning of september. Oh that day was so damn and windy , but Im glad you cant tell by the looks of it. 

Before I leave you I wanna thank you for being so supportive about the fact that I quit my job. Hopefully on the next post I might be able to give a better update on how its going with that. 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hold on we are going home

Shoes:Nelly, Shirt and Beanie:Cubus, Top:H&M, Denim:Gina Tricot
Photos by: me

I got my eyes on you 
You're everything that I see 
I want your high love and emotion endlessly 
I can't get over you 
You left your mark on me 
I want your high love and emotion endlessly 

Cause you're a good boy and you know it
But you act so different around me
I know exactly who you could be
So hold on we're going home
Just hold on we're going home 
High love and emotion endlessly 

Hello everybody! I decided to quit my job at the home for unaccompanied youth/children. This my second day home and Im geting extremely restless. I'm hoping to find a job soon, but I'm not worried at all. Its been only two day and I already been for an interview for a new job. I just need to be cool and be patience. I know it was a huge and crazy decision, but sometimes you got to do, what you need to do. 

Todays outfit its a actually from weeks ago. The most favorite part is not that I look like a badass, but the fact that I'm embracing my weirdness. Sometimes you need to be weird to be real. 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Africa Fashion week Stockholm - day 2 - Love and Diversity

Oh gosh. I feel like I failed you to keep you posted. The second day of the fashion show was super hectic and to make things better I got my period. But dont worry, it didn't slow me down. On the contrary!  So the fashion was amazing the theme for the whole show was "Love and Diversity" and it definitely showed through out the whole evening. I mean Sweden is a country with a lot of diversity. But most events in general do not reflect the population. In other words  regular places like teaters, fashion events, and most events in general are very white. As a young female of color I usually feel like the elephant in the room. But this event was so colorful and balanced. It was well mixed and I felt like every one was included and represented even though the event was called Africa Fashion Week Stockholm. I think it is nice that Aysha, the mind behind Africa Fashion Week Stockholm, decided to change the name of the event for next year. So, the name on everybody's lips next year is going to be "LeNoir Creative Week Stockholm" instead and I love it. I think that is a super clever move and I cannot wait to be more involved in the process for next year. 

One of the moments that Im very exited to tell you about is what happened during the first day at the VIP dinner. So, what had happened was is that I was approached by the camera group and the minds behind VivaAfrique Show, they asked me if I could worked the red carpet the next day. That is, in other words to interview some key people at the red carpet that attended the fashion show. At first I t was very nervous and little bit scared to be honest. But it went MORE then well. And I had so much fun  interacting with the guess. I might just be a natural interviewer as the they say.. But girls and boys that is it for this time. I thought that it I would be ok not to share everything with you now. So today Im just showing you some highlights. I think it would be cool to lift my favorite designers from the show in a separate post. So, please stay tuned!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Africa Fashion Week Stockholm - VIP Dinner (Day 1 )

 All photos are: by me and Betlehem 
Oh I had so much fun at the VIP dinner. I met a lot of new people and Im so looking forward to start new collaborations and new friendships. I was so happy to have my business cards in hand. I felt super professional. Hehe. I think this was such a great event and I cannot wait for day 2. One of the designers that Im mostly looking forward is Stephen Arthur but Im also exited to get to know more designers. 
But what do you think about my outfit? 

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