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Monday, July 26, 2010

Watermelon: inspired make up.. Whats your favorite fruit?

Oh wow its been a while since I posted a make up look... I really missed doing make up looks, but lately I been lacking a little bit of imagination... But I think I just came up with a pretty cool idea... I wanna do make up looks inspired by fruits... Oh that sounded so fun... I cannot wait to get on with it =)

So the reason why I decided to do kicked off with a make up look inspired by watermelon is because watermelon its just the perfect summer fruit... cuz its watery, and sweet and very refreshing as well =)
The second reason why I did the watermelon is cuz.. I've been eating watermelon for the past couple of days... 
Ok so here is the look, I hope you like it, the lighting its not great so the colors did not came up really well... The I eyeshadows that I used are mostly from the 120 palette, I also used my viva la diva palette, the eyeliner and the eye-pen that I used are from H&M, the mascara that I used is the L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara, and thats it ...

 Now girls, tell me what your favorite fruit?
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