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Monday, July 26, 2010

Watermelon: inspired make up.. Whats your favorite fruit?

Oh wow its been a while since I posted a make up look... I really missed doing make up looks, but lately I been lacking a little bit of imagination... But I think I just came up with a pretty cool idea... I wanna do make up looks inspired by fruits... Oh that sounded so fun... I cannot wait to get on with it =)

So the reason why I decided to do kicked off with a make up look inspired by watermelon is because watermelon its just the perfect summer fruit... cuz its watery, and sweet and very refreshing as well =)
The second reason why I did the watermelon is cuz.. I've been eating watermelon for the past couple of days... 
Ok so here is the look, I hope you like it, the lighting its not great so the colors did not came up really well... The I eyeshadows that I used are mostly from the 120 palette, I also used my viva la diva palette, the eyeliner and the eye-pen that I used are from H&M, the mascara that I used is the L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara, and thats it ...

 Now girls, tell me what your favorite fruit?


  1. mmmm yummy! love the look hun. Very talented.

  2. OMG! That looks so pretty! You're amazing with the make-up girly!

  3. Hey :)

    This is SO pretty - a really cool idea. I would say my favorite fruit is strawberries and sicne people say that tomatoes are fruits as well.......because I ADORE them with pepper and ranch dressing, a tomato. Have a fab day :)

  4. What a fun and pretty look. I can't wait to see more fruit inspired makeup looks!

  5. yeahhhhhh you made a great look, love it :)
    Love mangooooooooooooooooo :)

  6. Gorgeous!!..Your very creative as usual..I love it..

  7. so pretty.. i don't really have a fave fruit ..i love em all

  8. Kim@ thanks =)

    Ming@ thanks girly

    Tara@ Im glad you think so =)

    Tueisdai Noelle@ mmm I love strawberries they are so yummy,, hmm I have never tried that tomato combo, but it sounds so good mmm

    Everyday make up with (becky)@ Lol i cannot wait to get on with the idea hehe

    Liloo@ oh I LOVE MANGOS... and I would love to use mango as my next inspiration... hmm

    Angiepink@ thanks hon

    Niika@ u are right all fruits are good =)

  9. Oh my I LOVE this! you are so talented! I love lychees! they taste great but they look weird lol x

  10. I love lychees too heheh yeah they do look weird and I cannot eat a lot of them hehe =) but they are so good =)

  11. my fav fruits arrreee actually melons and grapes <3

  12. I <3 Africa@ hehhe thanks... oh grapeesss mmm =) heheh

  13. very pretty make up :)
    my fave fruit is grapes, i never get tired of eating them x

  14. Southerners from the north@ lol Im a grape monster too =)

  15. Follow me but shut up@ thanks hon =)

  16. Gracias por pasar por mi blog! Me ha encantado el tuyo esta muy bien echo y es muy original!

    Te sigo!

    Recuerda que cuando llegue a los 100 seguidores realizaremos un sorteo muy especial!

    Un saludo

  17. Pretty look!!! I love the last pic!!!!

  18. Soo cute! I love it! xxx

  19. Superb! I love watermelons!hehe xoxo


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