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Friday, October 15, 2010

Who's that chick inspired make up

Ok so u can probably tell by the title, what my post of today is going to be about... I saw the video for this song, and I loved it.. specially all the colors wow... I might do more make up inspired by that video, just cuz its so colorful... But for here my version of Rihannas make up for the video "who that chick ft David Guetta =)
Oh I cannot get over my blue lenses, I think lenses are just sooooo fun!
 Ok guys as you can see, I changed the look a little bit... but I hope you like it anyways =) ... So guys I hope you have an awesome weekend... Thank god is FRIDAY =)


  1. Gorgeous look.. Love the color combination that you used hun.. Love your blusher color..^_^..

  2. this is so pretty, i love it :)

    x Christine

  3. AngiePInk@ thanks hon, oh u know what? its not blush, its just pink eyeshadow and a little bit of lipstick, I did it the 80's way lol =)

    Christine@ oh thanks hon =)

  4. you're very welcome sweetie, you always look beautiful <3

    Thank you so much for your comment too <3
    Yeah elf is very cheap here in Norway too :)
    I will be doing a NYX giveaway when i reach 150 and a MAC Cosmetics Giveaway when i rech 250. Change in plans haha :)

    x Christine

  5. Your'e make is perfect!
    Really similar of the picture


  6. I remember watching this vid & wanting to try out this look but I didn't find a yellow that was bright enough in my collection to do it justice. I just love the way it looks on Rihanna when she has her eyes open too. You did a great job at your version

  7. oh my gosh!!!! so gorgeous!!!! you are truly great!!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog, sweets:)
    xoxo, Olya

  8. gorgeous and bright loveeeeeeeee it :)

  9. wow gorgeous make up!

  10. wow such a gorjus look, fab :) x

  11. I want to re-create this! It's soo beautiful and bold and I love your version!!!

  12. Wow-- you're positively glowing! ;]

    The blush colour is favourite part: a superb blush can make or break the look, often times.

  13. I loved your comment on my blog, :)

    Do you speak Spanish too? :)

    I like so much this make up is really nice, :)


  14. hey, you are an amazing fashionista...very creative and very pretty!great pics!...I always read your blog:)

    you could check out/ or follow my blog at:

    Have a great sunday- love, Shelly

  15. You're very creative, nice combination.

  16. Oh wow, you're so good! I think yours is better than rihannas



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