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Friday, December 30, 2011

With a touch of leo...

Coat(Topshop)Jumper(JC)Leggings(H&M)Leather Gloves(Primark) Wedges (nelly)
Oh I completely forgot about these leggings. Last winter I wore them like every single day... idk what happened this winter... SO, now that I found them Im not taking them off =) 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goodbye Stockholm!

Cardigan (bikbok) Shirt (Gina Tricot) Skirt (H&M) Panties ( Bikbok) Wedges ( Nelly)
Weey, Im finally back from Stockholm, I been so busy lately and unfortunately blogging came last. I really missed blogging and I'm so happy that I'm back again... For those who don't know or don't remember that I mentioned this before, I was in Stockholm doing my internship in an organization called Latinamerikagrupperna or Solidarity Sweden-Latin America. Latinamerikagrupperna is an organization that works together with popular movements in Latin America to achieve a fair and sustainable society.

I'm so proud of myself for all the stuff that I've accomplished this autumn and I'm so happy that I learned so much . My time as an intern at Latinamerikagrupperna was an amazing experience that I will never forget... I will never forget all the people that I met and all the lessons that I learned...

I m a little bit sad that is over, but the same time I know that I have great things coming ahead.. like for example: I'm graduating with a degree in International Relations, in just a couple of months... and then there is also other things that I need to focus on... So the truth is that I dont have time to be sad

Ok so ....Todays look, was actually taken back in Stockholm... I was really trying to do something new with my "Old" cloths. Even though this is not the most sexiest outfit, I feel super hot and confident ... why cant I be like this all the time? 

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Believe in a thing called love

Hat:Stradivarious, Shirt: GinaTricot, leather pants and shoes H&M

Do you guys remember that song from that group called The darkness- "I believe in a thing called love"?... They were so hot back in 2003... and I know alot of people hated their songs and the way they were, But I loved them and I still do... I love how they are so carefree and careless in their videos... I bet you anything they are freaking amazing live... Gosh I freaking love that song: I believe in a thing called love... There is something about the sound and the lyrics that makes me crazy... In fact I Couldn't stop listening to it this morning, that song makes me so happy... and I wish I can turn up the volume and dance like a lunatic hahha  ...but its too early and I soon need to start getting ready to go to the office and be a good and sweet intern =)

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PS:Thanks to the little bird that reminded me of the existence of this crazy and lovely song =) 


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poison Ivy

Blouse: Gina Tricot, Leggings:Gina Tricot, Wedges:Nelly, Necklace:H&M
I love the color of this blouse and I adore the shape of it... And I even like how it looks when I havent ironed or steamed... And for some weird reason, every time I see these pictures I think about Poison Ivy... So girls do you agree? Do i look a little bit like poison ivy...poisonous and mysterious!

I hope u had a great weekend... 
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Red wine before it went dark...

cardigan:bikbok,tshirt:Rihannas consert,hat and shoes H&M, leggings and denim(vintage shorts) Beyond Retro
So how are you liking my new look?
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Say goodbye to blondie!

So this is officially my last post a blond... I think, I'm going to miss a lot my blond hair... but what the heck...right?... I had to and plus I was really getting tired of it... the hardest part was the dyeing... and all that process... right now my hair is......well you are going to have to wait and see the pictures in a couple of days..until then enjoy my last pics as a blondie...
Ah, its so hard to say: Goodbye! :(

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Take me to New York city!

Take me To New York city! Take me to the big apple...let me pretend Im a new yorker at least for a day or two... Let me take a ride on a yellow cab and let me have some breakfast in a little coffee shop...
Let me take the subway and let me pretend that I m on my way to work... 
Buy me flowers and take me to Central Park and kiss me in the middle of the New York crowd ... and
lets pretend we are on our honey moon...

Take me to the museums, restaurants and vintage stores... 
take me to a fashion show...
Let me smell the city... 
Please lets take a flight to New York!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Say yes to shorts, shorts!

So this is what I wore today... mmm love these shorts... and they look so great with the burgurdy tights ...
 There's no reason  why you need to ditch your shorts just because its winter…  Right now there is a variety of shorts in the market, there are not limits… you can choose anything from leather ones… to velvet ones… And the cold weather shouldn’t be a problem when there is a huge variety of tights that you can choose from…  
Personally I think that shorts are like my “to go piece”, Im always wearing shorts (or skirts)… and I think that its so fun to pair them up with all kinds of tights… I think that shorts make you look fashionable and so trendy… 

PS: I know that some of you asked some question about my previous post... ( I just wanted to say that.I m aware and I will answer the question ASAP =) 

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