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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smokey eyes

Hey guys a couple hours ago I turned in my home exam, Im so happy...Now I only need to work on my regionalism paper, write my internship letter, study for my next exam.., find a summer jobbbbbbb! I know this list is endless--- But one step at time.. I was going to start my regionalism paper but my head might explode .. So i decided to blog a little bit and after I need to work out!--- Im going to work out my legs with some pilates and my abs area, wish me luck!
So now on to todays topic... Im complete in love with smokey eyes.. Thats the one look that never goes out of season...  And it works perfect when you wanna feel extra sexy...
I hope u all like this look
Have a nice day =) 
Puss o kram


Monday, March 21, 2011

Early in the morning

This morning when I woke up I really couldn't stop thinking about all the work I need to get done... There is just so much to do and my to do list is getting longer... This what I need to get done before the 30th of march:Another home exam, seminar questions, group presentation, send my internship letter...
After eating a light breakfast, I decided to clear my head, so I took some pictures in my new hat and poncho...

 Thats it, I hope u all liked the pictures... Right now Im going to finish watching an old episode of project runway,, and after that Im going to work out a little bit... I might eat something after that,, and then Im going to chain myself to my books, while I fill up my head with words like Game theory, naturalism/explaining..understanding...... international relations, Egypt...and so on---

My new brown hat: Asos
Poncho: Asos
Blouse/top: Stradivarious 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

On the other side of the train station

Hey blogettes.... I been away for a while now... Yes I know... The things is that Ive been so busy with my school work and so on that I hadn't have the time to blog... School is so important to me right now, and its crucial for me to do well, specially now that I'm going to apply for internships for the next semester... Gosh I cannot wait... Hard really does pay off, this week I found out the result of the 3 day deadline home exam that I did a couple of weeks ago.. It went well, or maybe more than well... I don't like to brag about my grades, but I'm so proud about my result =)

Enough about that, lets now talk about todays post...Yesterday after doing my group presentation, I literally run home to pack my bags to get to train, I was going to meet my friend there to take some pictures on the old side of the train station.... it was so much fun... The picturess are not great but there is a couple good ones...
 Ok now im going to sneak out from my boyfriends to go to town and get him a birthday cake while his is sleeping =)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New camera! Nikon D3100

Yes guys, I got a new camera.. My little(new) baby arrived yesterday in the mail... I'm so in love with it... I cannot get over it... the pictures I've been taking are just amazing....  I'm going post a couple of example pictures with my camera later so, stay tuned... Ever since I been obsessing over fashion blogs, Ive been dreaming about getting me a camera to shoot all my outfits... I cannot wait to start shooting outside with my little baby =)

Here are so pictures I took with my Casio exilim =) Enjoy =) 

As for todays outfit goes... The top "Dont take my photos" is from Zara, the shorts are from Cubus, the blazer is from Breshka, and the hat is from stradivarious =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alter ego

It feels so good to be back, doing make up looks and keeping my blog updated... I really dont know how you guys are going to react to this look... But oh well I hope you all like it... even though is a little bit over the top... And the same so typical me =)

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