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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New camera! Nikon D3100

Yes guys, I got a new camera.. My little(new) baby arrived yesterday in the mail... I'm so in love with it... I cannot get over it... the pictures I've been taking are just amazing....  I'm going post a couple of example pictures with my camera later so, stay tuned... Ever since I been obsessing over fashion blogs, Ive been dreaming about getting me a camera to shoot all my outfits... I cannot wait to start shooting outside with my little baby =)

Here are so pictures I took with my Casio exilim =) Enjoy =) 

As for todays outfit goes... The top "Dont take my photos" is from Zara, the shorts are from Cubus, the blazer is from Breshka, and the hat is from stradivarious =)


  1. i have the same camera is actually LIFE! i love it

  2. love the outfit and in love with the camera...i need both. x


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