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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exercising and getting toned up

Bet that you can already tell from the title what today's post is going to be about.... As I have mentioned earlier in some previous post, I wanted to start a new chapter on the blog so I can share with you a couple of body image issues mine...

As you all know I have been working out for the past weeks, and I finally seeing the results... SO I wanted to share with you some tips...

So lets go straight a head to talk about the issue at hand... I don't want to share all my tips at once, so I tough I would share two things and tips that i actually tested to see if they actually work...
Ok, so for those of you that want to start toning up and getting healthy right now, what you need to do, is forget about the chips, candy and all the sugar... snacking the wrong snacks will only put you out shape... Ever since I moved from my parents, my eating habits have changed... With school and all the stress I basically didn't have time to cook proper meals... and even though Im a vegetarian, I was doing wrong to my body by snacking and eating fries ..

I remember sometimes I didn't have time to cook so I would just fry some fries or eat a whole bag of chips and that was basically what I would eat... Or sometimes after school me and my friend would go to McDonald and just order a fat strawberry milkshake with fries... Fries and milkshake are like heaven to me... But now I m paying for all those milkshakes and snacking...

So what Im trying to say is that the first thing you need to do, if you wanna get all figure back is watch what you put in to your month, cut the snacking, if you feel the need to take a snack you might be lacking some vitamins... In my case I think it has do to with me becoming lactose intolerant, its weird cuz when I was little I could drink milk like water, Now I can forget about it... I know it sounds lame but really drink some water and take an apple instead of taking that cookie =)

The second tip is working out related... I know its so hard to discipline your body to work out, the first week is super hard... After the first day your body might be a little bit sore, for not stretching  enough or simple because you are out of shape.. I know the feeling, trust me I've been there now... But I came up with a solution...  Instead of doing the hard work out you can dance! Go to your play list find a song that you can dance to and just turn up the volume and make yourself sweat, but really sweat... after a while you can incorporate the dancing with some crunches, squats and lounges or pick just one type of exercising and the rest of the exercising time you can spent it sweating and dance, Sweating makes your heart going and you cardio is up you are sweating and that is what is going to make you loose weight... Another fun thing to do is find and easy choreography on You Tube and learn it... This is a great way to work on your coordination, body figure and brain =)

Before I go I just wanted to say, that even though I am promoting for tone and healthy bodies, we are all beautiful, You are beautiful shape doesn't matter, just be happy but healthy!

Oh and one more thing, If you are going to try dancing and sweating or just a normal regular cardio pumping activities, dont forget to support the twins, for girls that have larger breast support is crucial! So dont forget your sports bra=)

Here are 2 fun choreographies for you to try:



  1. great post.. i love the zumba and the Beyonce videos

  2. Såå bra inlägg! Tyckte om Beyonce dansen hihi. Jättebra! Kram // Rudy

  3. sv; skorma köpte jag hos skopunkten,dock hade de dem bara i svart och vitt,men om du vill ha liknande så har H&M fått in bruna,fast med fler spännen :)

  4. hey Amanda! i feel like i haven't been to your blog in a while--sorry for being a bad blogger friend!

    i do love this new layout--it's so clean and pretty. and what a lovely post about body image. you are beautiful so thanks for sharing these great tips and advice!

  5. ZUMBA. <33 My mum loves zumba. :]] And I do the same stuff too! I use dancing as my cardio workout all the time. <33

    And I've also learned a few high-paced dances to work out to, too, thanks to YouTube. <33

    The snacking thing is exactly right. (Luckily, I don't really like greasy/sugary/salty food, so my snacks are generally pretty boring/healthy. Haha. Still, it's good to keep in mind~~.)

    Congrats on the results you've seen so far-- hope you continue to see changes you like.

  6. this post is so amazing! thankyou for the tips, becaus eit is winter here, ive started eating so badly and need better habits! and the videos are greta, love your blog!

  7. Im glad you all liked the tips =)

  8. hahaa. The picture is great. I want that weighter :)))


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  9. you remind me i need to exercise more!!

  10. Lol I want that weighter too =)


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