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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Falling for Jeffrey

Everr since this shoes got out in the market.. I've been contemplating on the idea of actually getting a pair.. I just cannot get enough of them... I know almost everybody has them and I know that the actual point  is to be unique but what the heck... these shoes are just wooow! Jeffrey has really done it... I think all of Jeffrey Campbells designs are wicked!

                      Maybe I should just get them... Instead of drooling over them aimlessly =)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I (love) free people

Hi guys, a couple hours ago I turned in my thesis.... It was a group thesis and it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done so far... Im glad its over... I cannot believe that school ends next week... What a lovely feeling, FREEDOM... Im glad to be back bloging... Tomorrow Im going to probably do a OOTD post... oh cannot wait..
Today I wanted to share with you this amazing online fashion store that I recently came across... Their cloth is amazingly chic, very boho with a touch of tribe and that free spirit /Love child vibe....
Check this out:

Damn check out the shorts!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Following a models advice- Beauty tips

(via cwtv)
(via Zup 2 it)

Omg are you guys watching Americas next top model online too?(its almost over I know)... I bet that a few of you Europeans readers are hook on it as well... A couple of episodes back, they were talking about one of the models you know... Kasia, the 26 year old beautiful sexy/curvy model, that looks younger than all the other contestants(I think it sucks she was eliminated)... Her secret.. she drinks tones of water, 2 nights a week she ex-foliates her skin, then she uses some serum to moisturize, she uses also a good eye-cream(for saggy and tired eyes), sometimes she puts some vitamin E oil...and then I remember that on the episode when she was talking about this after saying what she approximately uses, she casually finishes saying ,,, "Oh you know different things" ... 

And her skin is like glowing... I just love it.. Some where in a magazine that you should start caring more about your skin/face ones you hit 25... But why not start sooner... I mean you dont have to do the all exfoliation and all.. But what you can do is start drinking water and moisturize a hell lot! I decided that Im going to start drinking water and liquid more (and I kinda want to use vitamin E oil as well).. its not that I dont do it... But I dont drink that specific amount... I think Im going trough a fitness and health frenzy... and I love it... When It comes to drinking water Im so much better at it now, then I was in the beginning .... you need to a costume your body.. For those who dont know the right amount of water that you needs its around 1.5 liters... or 8-10 glasses.... But if you are exercising or if its a warm day you need more... I dont think that you guys dont know about the good you get from drinking water.... So how much water do you drink?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Body Shop campaign ( stop trafficking of children & young people)

Hi guys I know dont usually blog about this stuff, but as some of you may know that I have a side of me that is very focus on the world politics and world issues... One of the issues that are very close to my heart is the issue of human trafficking... For a couple years ago I took a curse about human trafficking and ever since then I've been trying to focus my career in to that direction... My goal and dream is to work with an NGO or something like that... that has human trafficking as main focus... I saw this petition on the news paper and I though I would share this with you guys... Stop human trafficking and spread the word!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stop pretending yuo are me... Please help, I dont know what to do? uptadated

Omg I just found a blog that was so familiar in so many ways the person is stealing everything, my photos my name and even my background... I really don't know what to do... I mean I think its ok to ask for permission to take somebodies pictures, but you need to let the person and link back to the owners blog... I think this is awful and the most craziest thing ever... The sad thing is that I put a lot of work in to my post... And now somebody is just taking them and pretending they are me.... And I m so sad cuz this person is taking credit for things that I did... this is not fair, it breaks my heart...
I wonder if there is anything I can do to fix this? 
Please help

Updated part 2

I mailed tumblr support and the girl as well... I still havent got any answers from them.. but hopefully I will get some tomorrow... I wasnt going to post her blog link cuz I dont know if this is OK... but at the same time,  this girls hasn't shown me any respect... I mean she just took my pics and now she is pretending to be me... Why would you blog about somebody who isnt you?
if this person is reading this I just wanna say, that I know you are beautiful and unique, u just need to find that and realize that... once you do that you will start loving yourself more

so here is the link to this fake-blogger
( deleted this site =)
Look what this person wrote

Notices how is she saying that her name is Amanda and that she is a student from Gothemburg Sweden... I just find that to be a huge coincidence!So she is not only pretending to be me by taking my pictures, but she is also using personal information to sound more convincing ... I mean... ???

 Update part 3 

Problem solved =)
I was just in touch with tumblr... And they just confirm that they did deleted the fake account!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trying out my paisley harem pants before the summer of love ...

Hi girls... Im so in love with that paisley pattern... its so cool, so boho and chic.. I been doing some research and apparently this amazing print is originally from India and Persia. But the name "Paisley" is originally from Scotland... And it was introduces around the 17th century when all the colonization madness was going down.But this print made its official fashion debut first in the late 60's and early 70's... Specially during the summer of love...

In todays look Im wearing a top that I got a while ago from Bikbok, and the harem pants are from New Yorker, they were on sale and I was so happy when I found them, cuz Ive been looking for that type of pants ever since I got from Spain pretty much... When I was down there I saw pants like that everywhere, but I was like: "oh yeah I ill get them eventually", but I never did until now yaaay... These pants are like really killing two birds with one rock... they are a harem loose style and they are made with  that beautiful paisley pattern that I just looove---- .... Harem pants are really going to be a hit this summer... they are pretty much everywhere... some people are like hell no but I say hell yeah!
How did you like that? I hope you all have a great Tuesday 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do you want to call it color blocking?

So todays make up look was obviously inspired by the color blocking trend... I didnt want to go so literal with it, so I just use the colors very softly...

 Ok girls thats it for today I guess... I hope you are having a great and sunny Saturday =)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking back

Hi guys, Its been a while since I did a make up look... now that I look back, my blog has transform from a beauty oriented blog to a fashion blog... The original idea was to keep it simple and just do one thing... But I am a Gemini and we change our minds easily, we love to hate when things get complicated... Yesterday me and my bunny were talking and he suggested that I should do both... And I decided that I m going for it...  Im still kinda worried about the readers, cuz sometimes I feel like I might just confuse them... or maybe the true is that I am the only one who gets confuse... lol nothing wrong with that right? 

Thats it for today, I hope you all like this look =)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Je crois que tu suis fait pour moi

Here is a short preview of a look that I'm planing on showing to you... I really cannot wait to wear that flowery, flowers,flowers.... Can somebody stop me for going crazy for flowery prints?... I just love it... And I cannot get enough of it...  I'm still longing for those flowery brogues shoes that I saw a while ago... But you never know I might find them soon...
Manly shoes mmm are really becoming my passion! this is my third pair I own, so far... And I cannot wait to get more
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