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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Body Shop campaign ( stop trafficking of children & young people)

Hi guys I know dont usually blog about this stuff, but as some of you may know that I have a side of me that is very focus on the world politics and world issues... One of the issues that are very close to my heart is the issue of human trafficking... For a couple years ago I took a curse about human trafficking and ever since then I've been trying to focus my career in to that direction... My goal and dream is to work with an NGO or something like that... that has human trafficking as main focus... I saw this petition on the news paper and I though I would share this with you guys... Stop human trafficking and spread the word!

Just sign with your facebook acount or just 
right your name, where is it saids FĂ–RNAMN 
And last name where it saids EFTERNAMN and after that choose your own country


  1. i saw your other picture, and i think that you're so beautiful ;)

  2. It's great to see fashion bloggers supporting this kind of things. Human Traffic is one of the most serious world problems right now!


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