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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Following a models advice- Beauty tips

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Omg are you guys watching Americas next top model online too?(its almost over I know)... I bet that a few of you Europeans readers are hook on it as well... A couple of episodes back, they were talking about one of the models you know... Kasia, the 26 year old beautiful sexy/curvy model, that looks younger than all the other contestants(I think it sucks she was eliminated)... Her secret.. she drinks tones of water, 2 nights a week she ex-foliates her skin, then she uses some serum to moisturize, she uses also a good eye-cream(for saggy and tired eyes), sometimes she puts some vitamin E oil...and then I remember that on the episode when she was talking about this after saying what she approximately uses, she casually finishes saying ,,, "Oh you know different things" ... 

And her skin is like glowing... I just love it.. Some where in a magazine that you should start caring more about your skin/face ones you hit 25... But why not start sooner... I mean you dont have to do the all exfoliation and all.. But what you can do is start drinking water and moisturize a hell lot! I decided that Im going to start drinking water and liquid more (and I kinda want to use vitamin E oil as well).. its not that I dont do it... But I dont drink that specific amount... I think Im going trough a fitness and health frenzy... and I love it... When It comes to drinking water Im so much better at it now, then I was in the beginning .... you need to a costume your body.. For those who dont know the right amount of water that you needs its around 1.5 liters... or 8-10 glasses.... But if you are exercising or if its a warm day you need more... I dont think that you guys dont know about the good you get from drinking water.... So how much water do you drink?


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  3. Love America's next top model!!! Kasia is pretty, sad she left!!!

    xo Emma

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  8. she has amazing skin in the first pic
    Lydz xX


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