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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stop pretending yuo are me... Please help, I dont know what to do? uptadated

Omg I just found a blog that was so familiar in so many ways the person is stealing everything, my photos my name and even my background... I really don't know what to do... I mean I think its ok to ask for permission to take somebodies pictures, but you need to let the person and link back to the owners blog... I think this is awful and the most craziest thing ever... The sad thing is that I put a lot of work in to my post... And now somebody is just taking them and pretending they are me.... And I m so sad cuz this person is taking credit for things that I did... this is not fair, it breaks my heart...
I wonder if there is anything I can do to fix this? 
Please help

Updated part 2

I mailed tumblr support and the girl as well... I still havent got any answers from them.. but hopefully I will get some tomorrow... I wasnt going to post her blog link cuz I dont know if this is OK... but at the same time,  this girls hasn't shown me any respect... I mean she just took my pics and now she is pretending to be me... Why would you blog about somebody who isnt you?
if this person is reading this I just wanna say, that I know you are beautiful and unique, u just need to find that and realize that... once you do that you will start loving yourself more

so here is the link to this fake-blogger
( deleted this site =)
Look what this person wrote

Notices how is she saying that her name is Amanda and that she is a student from Gothemburg Sweden... I just find that to be a huge coincidence!So she is not only pretending to be me by taking my pictures, but she is also using personal information to sound more convincing ... I mean... ???

 Update part 3 

Problem solved =)
I was just in touch with tumblr... And they just confirm that they did deleted the fake account!



  1. oh babe... this sucks... the exact same thing happened a couple of weeks ago to Something Navy's blog... Make sure to check her blog to see what she did because she had it dealt with... it's completely messed up how people are doing this :( I really hope you can resolve it and quickly. Love Zoey @ makeshiftmodel xx

  2. :( Oh man, that sucks. This is why watermark my photos. Well I used to, now I'm lazy lol. But I need to do it again in case something like this happens to me.

    Did you try messaging the person?

  3. Yes I have message them and also the girl that rebloged from her =(

  4. Make shift Model@ its really messed up... but how did you resolved the problem did you contacted her?

  5. Oh my gosh, this is really crazy :(

  6. god that sucks. give us the URL and we can all swarm the comments section and tell the followers that THIS is where the magic is happening :)


  7. oh my that sounds scary.. I think you should try to contact both the person with the blog and the team people at blogger. let that other person that is being a copy of you intend to do somthing about the situation and that they should stop asap.
    I hope it gets sorted real soon. :)

  8. Oh wow hun,I don't know maybe email them and tell the, to stop. Also what bealerr said,

  9. I tried going to the link and it says not found, so maybe she deleted the blog.

  10. Problem solved, tumblr has just email me that they have deleted the fake account =)

  11. That is so shocking :/ why would people do that i can't understand. but i guess you should recognise it as flattery <3

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Wow! I'm sorry that happened to you! The craziness of the blogging world *shakes head* And that was really mature of you to take the high road and not lose your cool!!

  14. Very strange, indeed. SMH.

  15. that is so creepy! Im glad that hasn't happened to me ever!


  16. thanks for all the support,, luckily this all thing is over!

  17. you should use this code that prevents copy and pasting.
    and you should register your blog at to prove this blog belongs to you.

  18. havent been on your blog for a while because of exams. but omg! this is awful. so glad you got it sorted. That is so wierd. sorry about that


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