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Thursday, June 30, 2011

hot days- where the action is...

I was going to were this outfit with out the panties, but I was I little bit unconsious about my legs and also I knew I was going to get cold at night.. But I think I manage to get that lovely festival/chick feeling... or that is what i hope =) 

Hi guys, oh wow the festival was amazing, the best moment was of course seeing Coldplay,, I got all emotional of seeing him naw so many memories, I ve been in love with this band since I was like 13 or so... But the other bands were great as well, I loved Brandon flowers... Some of the bands that we were able to see were Glasvegas,Brandon Flowers,Bright Eyes,Jenny&Johnny  and Paulo Nutini (if you are wondering... Ah I had a wonderful time....
 We werent able to get closer but the show so amazing that it really dint matter, Im so happy that me and the boy got the chance to see some of the coolest bands... 
Ps I took so many photos but I dont want to overwhelm you with them =) 
So thats is for me... sorry that I haven't post and that I havent been that active

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Festival ready

Getting ready for the most exited festival of this summer for me... Im gonna see one of mine favorite bands.. Coldplay.. I m kinda trying to find inspiration for my outfit so here is so looks I found surfing the net... Her are so essential, tribal, ethnic, fringed, crochet, big hats.. rocker boot, denim, denim denim, 
this is from nasty gal
aztec vest from all saints
nasty gal
festival ready

I just clicked these babies home!

Yes I just ordered this gorgeous shoes from Nelly... I know I shouldn't have but what the hell... I need to renew my shoe collection... Another exiting today is that in 3 hours or so me and the boy are going to step into festival mode... I just cannot wait... Some of the coolest bands are coming but the one that Im most exited about is freaking coldplay, yes u heard, gosh ever since I saw Yellow on the MTV I felt in love with this band! Im gonna bring my camera with me and I will shoot some photos for you guys!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy midsummers day

Today we are celebrating midsummer here in Sweden... Since midsummer is all about the flowers, love and summer I decided to do this look inspired by Shakespeare's midsummers night dream saga...
I m so proud of my flower/halo crown... I did it in like no time here is my tutorial on it...
So for this you are going to need some ribbon and some flowers... 
laid some flowers like this and knot up one side of the end with some ribbon 
after that you can braid the ribbon around the flowers 

and voila!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy birthday... Birthday girl!

So yes its my birthday... Im 23 waay Im so happy... This outfit was inspired by Rihannas video "Only girl" I really like that video, and I love Rihanna... Thats it for me today, who knows what this day has to offer..
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