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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Un mercredi après midi et un verre de vin rouge

 Here I am at home waiting for the boy to arrive from work, I feel a little bit sick and I kinda dont wanna get up out of bed... I took these shots a couple days ago, I m so in love with this burgundy jumper (from Gina Tricot) even though is a couple of sizes too big hehe its alright(warm and cozy)... Oh and that skirt brings me so many memories believe it or not I got it back in like 2007 damn, but hey pleads are back again so lets rock them....
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I just cannot get enough- Lanvin

I jus t cannot get enough of this video... I know I might be a little bit late with this "news" but oh well... Im so in love with this video, the cloth, the song, the dancing and the most coolest designer getting fly on the dancefloor =)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mon autumnspo - cardis,knits sweaters

So I've been getting ready for the colder days... But for that I need to build up my closet so, I've been looking around and I found some great inspo so,  I though I would share some of the goodies that I will inspired my future autumn/winter closet... My obsession this week are knitwear, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters... mmm cozy and warm.. Next time Im going to show some other favorite trends of mine....
Pictures taken from Tumblr, we heart it .com
mmm I bet you wanna get some cardis and knits now =) I hope you all like my autumnspo
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Monday, August 22, 2011

We (heart) wool - fashion by feelings campaign- vote for me

Hello girls, I was contacted by Molly-from fashion by feelings, she wanted me to join the coolest campaign of this summer... Now Im asking you to join... Fashion by feelings encourages people to style outfits with wool garments and post their looks on the site.This campaign aims to educate people about wool as a natural and renewable fibre...So once you upload your look, you should categories your look with a feeling that describes best your outfit, according to the feeling... it could be anything from Loved,Powerful, Cute, dark, active and so on
....Vote and promote your look to win....  go to fashion by feelings page to find out more about the prizes and how to win
And if you wanna vote for me click on this picture of me: vote for me

see you at fashion by feelings

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deep teal on the library floor

I had a date with my mommy yesterday, I  really love our dates, its funny cuz now we are like 2 girlfriends going to coffee shops and having grown up conversations... 20 something years ago or so  I was her spoiled little baby, that was needed to be fed and put cloth on and so on, and she needed to do all that hard work moms do... and now I'm pretty much independent, and I don't need her in the same way I used to... But dont get me wrong I'm a mamas girl and I will always be her little girl... Gosh it must be sooo weird to see your child grow up...
Sweater, JC store(swedish store), Shorts H&M (almost five years ago), the boots are from Spain(random store), the bag is from H&M and the hat is from Asos =)
  Deep teal is going to be a hot color this fall, I'm completely in love with this color and this sweater, because its so cozy and warm, I think its going to be great/perfect for the winter as well... 
Have great weekend girls =)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Red roses

This is my first time doing this so be gentile... I recently got a package from kkcenterhk they asked if I could do a product review on one of their eyelashes... I feel bad that I took me so long till I finally did the review, I just never had the time, but today I finally did it so here it goes... 

Ok so here is the review:
Pros: Good quality, the eyelash line is fine but not in a bad way, they look really natural on, which was a surprise... In a really good way...

Cons: I really didn't like the way the eyelash are packed, as you can see they are really flat and not very round and that makes it difficult to put on... And here is the final result...
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