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Friday, August 19, 2011

Red roses

This is my first time doing this so be gentile... I recently got a package from kkcenterhk they asked if I could do a product review on one of their eyelashes... I feel bad that I took me so long till I finally did the review, I just never had the time, but today I finally did it so here it goes... 

Ok so here is the review:
Pros: Good quality, the eyelash line is fine but not in a bad way, they look really natural on, which was a surprise... In a really good way...

Cons: I really didn't like the way the eyelash are packed, as you can see they are really flat and not very round and that makes it difficult to put on... And here is the final result...


  1. you are gorgeous!
    much love

  2. Beautiful!! I cannot apply lashes to myself to save my life and Ive been trying for a year or so smh just cant get it.

    Editor & Chic

  3. love the pink shades =]


  4. You look stunning girl! love your eye make up really compliments your tone the lashes make a great difference <3

  5. always
    Love the look x


  6. Omg. My mother is trying to figure out how to put on fake lashes and well---- she can't do it. But they look really great on you. Love the make up too!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  7. your makeup is so pretty!

    i've never worn lashes, but i'm intrigued. i'm just scared that if i try them once i will be hooked!

  8. thanks for the comments girlies=)

  9. ÅH din hud är heeeeeelt otrolig! <3


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