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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crazy fashionista

So I wanted to do a quick uptade before I go back to my books... I've been so busy, so thats why I haven't been around lately... And on top of that a couple days ago I found out that my lovely remote for the camera is broken so Im unable to take pictures... Idk what is wrong with it... Its driving me crazy and its so sad... cuz idk what to do... I dont wanna  go back to using my 18-55 mm lens and selftimer... cuz I feel that the quality of the pictures are not as good as when I use my 50 mm lens. And I cannot use my 50 mm with the self timer because its just so problematic... I need a remote, ASAP! 

 I hope that Im going to be able to post something next week.... But until then I wanted to share this video with you girls... I know u are going to love it as much as I do. Its so funny and I cannot stop watching this video, Im completely obsessed!  ... and It kinda reminds me a little bit of myself... I m not that shallow( I promise), but I do think that I worry about my appearance a little bit too much...

I also wanted to share a song  that Im really loving at the moment (Girls like you- Naked and famous) this song makes me think about a lot of things... The other day when I was listening to the lyrics it made me think about girls who hide themselves behind "pecfect" masks - because they are too afraid to show their true colors... Maybe they hide themselves behind this mask beacuase it gives them comfort and security-and they are too afraid of getting hurt.

Im almost constantly worrying about what people think about me, and making a good impression is so important to me that I sometimes strive to be too perfect ( Im not saying Im fake, but I know that sometimes I try too hard to be "perfect" and being "perfect" is just too hard... cuz perfection doesnt exist-...) , and I try hard to hide my imperfections...cuz Im afraid of the real me perhaps... I often forget that my imperfections are the little things that make me unique...
But I know that one day very soon I will going to be able to let it all go... all my worries and insecurities...

Im not saying you shouldn't strive for perfection but dont make this a priority.

What would you do if you lost your beauty?
How would you deal with your life?
How would you feel if nobody chased you?
What if it happened tonight?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh so many "if onlys" running through my mind....

Jacket(Zara) Jumper ( Carlings) Skirt(H&M) Shoes (H&M)
Hi there this is just a quick post. Im about to go to school.. And I really wanted to blog =)  Oh yesterday was my first back in school... And it felt a little bit weird, but somehow weird good... Oh it was so weird yesterday I woke up super early and I still manage to come late to class... What a joke! Today, and from now on Im not going to be late... I promise

The look from today was actually taken a couple days ago, I dont know if you can tell but, I was freezing so bad and the wind was blowing so hard... And for some reason I couldnt find the perfect spot to take pictures... Actually I did find the perfect spot, but this random guy(old guy) came up and he started asking me questions... Oh he was so weird... I felt so uncomfortable... When he finally left I though I was going to be able to take that one perfect shot, but that moment never came... So excuse me if the shots are not great =) .... Fashion bloging with an tripod(remote) outside when its cold and people are bugging you is never easy, but you need be persistence =) 

As u can see here Im wearing the mustard yellow jumper from Carlings and the hot leather skirt from H&M (it doesnt even look like its H&M) Im really digging this look and  I hope you do too =)
So Im going to continue with my breakfest and I will be talking to you soon! 

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Monday, January 16, 2012

I will never forget you...

On this day I will be thinking about you and your work....Your life has inspired me. 
your words will be stuck with me forever...

 Violence, discrimination, poverty , segregation, injustice and all THIS (aka FUCKERY) is making me sick. What can I do to make it all disappear? 
Give me strength and hope to keep fighting...
I still believe there is hope... I still believe we can make this world a better place...

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 16 January 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 2

fur scarf(H&M) sweater (Gina tricot) Shorts ( Beyond retro)
Hi there, I wasn't going to post this look cuz I was wearing those brown wedges again , you guys are probably sick and tired of seeing me with those wedges.... What can I do I just love them and they make this simple outfit stand out... 

This look was actually taken at my moms and Oh cannot believe that Im wearing the same shoes againg... I bet you guys are getting tired of them... But I promise, now that I have "all" my cloth I will try to change it up a bit =) I think these shoes need to go on a vacation.

Yesterday I move back to Malmö, and it feels good in my new apartment. Yesterday was a really good day, I went to the job interview and I got job... Im very happy but Im a little bit  nervous I start next week so keep your fingers cross for me... 

I hope you like this look, have a nice weekend girls =)   

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I know I shouldn't but I cannot help it... I need some color in my life... I found these pieces over at sheinside... and I immediately felt in LOVE.God I love window shopping =)...

Girls, I know I having posted an "outfit of the day"... I cannot wait to post one... I hoping to do one tomorrow... But we will see... talk to you all soon =) Have a great Wednesday!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Painting my world mint...

Hello there, I hope u had a great weekend... My weekend was alright, amazing and great (Not trying to be sarcastic at all)... Last week was really really hard for me, mostly cuz Im moving back to campus (school starts the 16th) and I was having problems with my leaving situation... but I think, or I feel like its getting better now... Next week or maybe I should say this weekend Im going to be moving to my new apartment. Its a great apartment, really close to school but a little bit expensive... 

I think I will manage, but I think I need to start saying goodbye to all my savings... ( I need a job pronto) Witch reminds me I got a job interview coming up, to work as study circle leader( idk if its the proper translation) in an International women association, but its unpaid or I think u only get like a symbolic payment ( I hope) ... idk, but right now I need to get some work experience (In my area) so I can get a proper job in the future... So, lets hope I get it!

 Oh, I feel like I am constantly worrying about stuff, and its affecting my sleep, I can be up for hours with out being able to sleep, and in the morning Im either too tired to wake up or too tired to fall back to sleep, I just hope that I can sort things out... So that I can get some normality into my "ordinary" life... 

I think this week is either going to be a hard but an ok/ alright/ amazing and great week...  its all about staying positive right?  

So you might be wondering why I decided to call this post " Paint my world mint".... Well here are a couple of reasons why:

(1). Well  I believe that "mint" once again is going to be a super hot color for spring and summer 2012...

(2). Mint green was and still is, one of my favorite colors since I was a little girl ( Verde agua)

(3). The phrase " Painting my world mint" sounds pretty random and unreal, and I think that is pretty much how my life is, in a way.....I feel like the stuff that I see and happen around me are pretty random and I dont know how to control them.. Like for ex. my leaving situation was basically sort out and I was so happy and then I got a phone call that totally mess things up...A couple days ago I was having a hard day and suddenly  I got an email that pretty much remind me once again that the world that we are leaving is shitty place... and that there is no hope.... Or is there?

I was also thinking about how sometimes, you make decisions that completely change your life... like... Becoming friends with a certain person, saying yes or no to something, or opening door number 2 instead of number 1, can complete change your life and it can either make things worse or better, and the funny thing is that you will never know how things are going to turn out... you need to take risks and see what happens... Painting my world mint is about just that... taking chances but at the same time, its telling me to not take any chances or risks... Been a Gemini makes it worse... I wish I was better at making decisions...

(4). Its amazing to me  how mint green its often generally seem as a pastel and soft color, but at the same time is a color that always stands out - thats why I like it so much, because if  I could "paint"my personality, I would paint it mint green... cuz I wanna be soft and stand out... =)

(5) I think that this phrase is also telling me that Im just trying to do way too much and maybe I just need to calm the F*** down and chill and let things be...

I know this post is random... And it might not make a lot of since, but it does to me =)
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lime green and mustard yellow

Jumpers from Carlings

Oh,I got these two gorgeous jumpers last week. I think that the lime green one is going to be perfect for early spring. And even though the yellow mustard was more "appropriate" for fall , I say what the heck lets rock yellow mustard in spring too =) ... I cannot wait to show them to you =)
But are you guys exited about it? 

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My womanhood was stolen

Every now and then, I will be doing this type of posts… I will be addressing global issues. Mostly because I want to spread the word and try to inform others and hopefully others will get involved, and maybe together we can fight against these issues…  I ’ve been dying to this pretty much since I started studying International Relations…  I guess I never got the chance to do it… But today is the day. And I hope that I’m going to be able to keep it up in the future…In today’s posts I'm going to talk about female genital mutilation…  
I know it’s the first day of the New Year, and for the most of us this day is a day of joy and happiness… I respect that. But I also think we should think about all the people that are suffering right now. Pain and misery apparently does not care if it’s New Year or not.
What inspired me to do this was a movie that I saw yesterday called ” Desert Flower” I bet that many of you have either read the book or watched the movie… So I believe you guys already know, what the movie is about… For those who don’t, go and check it out…
Waris Derie the main character of the book “ Desert flower” was the first woman to internationally share her story of female genital mutilation…  And this is partially why this book is so special…I truly admire her... Her story touch my heart... So this is why Im doing this...
So what is female genital mutilation? Female Genital mutilation or (FGM) is a traditional procedure that pretty much intentionally alter or injure female genital organs for non-medical reasons. This cultural practice started in Africa approximately 2000 years ago. It’s mostly practiced in Africa but its also a common tradition in some Arabic countries.
This, so called tradition stands by the fact that, what we women have down there, is not clean and they believe that they are purifying the girls by removing the girl’s private parts. This act is in some cultures  a symbol of “womanhood”, but how can this cruel act represent womanhood, when its basically taking away “what makes us women” The people that stand by this tradition often glorify the ritual... ( I still don't get why??!)  Even though they know how much the procedure hurts they do it because it’s normal to them.
The biggest problem is, that the procedure is done under awful circumstances and in most cases the wound is stitched harshly and this later causes severe infections… The majority of women who survived this procedure will later have complications during intercourse and giving birth.
Female genital mutilation is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women...
But around 6000 girls face the risk of genital mutilation every day and more than 100 million women worldwide have already undergone genital mutilation. I wonder how many have died?
When will they stop? I understand its hard to stop this, but its possible... I think we should do more…  I think that we need to educate and inform. I believe that education can kill poverty and ignorance …
I promise myself that this year Im going to get even more involved then I'm now… I may sound naive but… I want to change the world and make it a better place…And I believe its possible, not maybe right now... But in a near future... I hope...
“I feel that God made my body perfect the way I was born. Then man robbed me, took away my power, and left me a cripple. My womanhood was stolen. If God had wanted those body parts missing, why did he create them? I just pray that one day no woman will have to experience this pain. It will become a thing of the past. People will say "Did you hear, female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Somalia?" Then the next country, and the next, and so on, until the world is safe for all women. What a happy day that will be, and that's what I'm working toward. In'shallah, if God is willing, it will happen. “
Waris Derie
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