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Monday, January 9, 2012

Painting my world mint...

Hello there, I hope u had a great weekend... My weekend was alright, amazing and great (Not trying to be sarcastic at all)... Last week was really really hard for me, mostly cuz Im moving back to campus (school starts the 16th) and I was having problems with my leaving situation... but I think, or I feel like its getting better now... Next week or maybe I should say this weekend Im going to be moving to my new apartment. Its a great apartment, really close to school but a little bit expensive... 

I think I will manage, but I think I need to start saying goodbye to all my savings... ( I need a job pronto) Witch reminds me I got a job interview coming up, to work as study circle leader( idk if its the proper translation) in an International women association, but its unpaid or I think u only get like a symbolic payment ( I hope) ... idk, but right now I need to get some work experience (In my area) so I can get a proper job in the future... So, lets hope I get it!

 Oh, I feel like I am constantly worrying about stuff, and its affecting my sleep, I can be up for hours with out being able to sleep, and in the morning Im either too tired to wake up or too tired to fall back to sleep, I just hope that I can sort things out... So that I can get some normality into my "ordinary" life... 

I think this week is either going to be a hard but an ok/ alright/ amazing and great week...  its all about staying positive right?  

So you might be wondering why I decided to call this post " Paint my world mint".... Well here are a couple of reasons why:

(1). Well  I believe that "mint" once again is going to be a super hot color for spring and summer 2012...

(2). Mint green was and still is, one of my favorite colors since I was a little girl ( Verde agua)

(3). The phrase " Painting my world mint" sounds pretty random and unreal, and I think that is pretty much how my life is, in a way.....I feel like the stuff that I see and happen around me are pretty random and I dont know how to control them.. Like for ex. my leaving situation was basically sort out and I was so happy and then I got a phone call that totally mess things up...A couple days ago I was having a hard day and suddenly  I got an email that pretty much remind me once again that the world that we are leaving is shitty place... and that there is no hope.... Or is there?

I was also thinking about how sometimes, you make decisions that completely change your life... like... Becoming friends with a certain person, saying yes or no to something, or opening door number 2 instead of number 1, can complete change your life and it can either make things worse or better, and the funny thing is that you will never know how things are going to turn out... you need to take risks and see what happens... Painting my world mint is about just that... taking chances but at the same time, its telling me to not take any chances or risks... Been a Gemini makes it worse... I wish I was better at making decisions...

(4). Its amazing to me  how mint green its often generally seem as a pastel and soft color, but at the same time is a color that always stands out - thats why I like it so much, because if  I could "paint"my personality, I would paint it mint green... cuz I wanna be soft and stand out... =)

(5) I think that this phrase is also telling me that Im just trying to do way too much and maybe I just need to calm the F*** down and chill and let things be...

I know this post is random... And it might not make a lot of since, but it does to me =)
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  1. I love the colour mint too. I hope things improve for you, I often stay awake worrying a lot too, it can be hard to switch off at night! xx

  2. I'm totally feeling mint too. I just had an outfit post dedicated to the color mint! I guess great minds think alike :)


  3. wow wow wow I love this color...I think I have to buy something mint ;)!


  4. wow great inspiration;) and this color looks gorgeous;)

  5. aww I hope you feel better soon:)
    love the blazer!x

  6. I definitely love the color! In fact, I ordered some pieces!

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  7. Mint green is such a pretty colour (which I have way too less hanging in my closet ;)) ! Great pictures, really inspiring :)

  8. The colors are so pretty. I adore the mint color!

  9. Obsessed with this color! I plan on getting a mint bathing suit for the summer. great post xo

  10. oh i have to get smth in this colour this season, its sooo beautiful! love this post!

    xx, Sabinna

  11. Mint is hands down my fav color to wear on my nails!!

    Editor & Chic

  12. Love all these pics!! Your blog is fabulous dear! New follower! xx

  13. I adore mint, such a gorgeous colour xx

  14. Actually this post made a lot of sense to me.. It's kind of weird but yet interesting to read other peoples thoughts that is so similar to your own thoughts. I know the feeling when everything just seems to go wrong.. but I truly believe that something good comes out of something bad, maybe not right away but somewhere along the road..and if nothing else you always learn from the bad (hopefully;) ).
    I wish you all the best and hope you get that job you want! :)
    Have a great week girl<3


  15. This is a gorgeous post since I am currently obsessed with all things mint! NEED a mint pair of pants, shoes and that clutch in the last pic and the pleated skirt wouldnt hurt either :) Love your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  16. Great photos!

  17. mint is a great color. good luck with readjusting to school life. i know i will need it! haha

  18. love this color. gonna have to keep a look out when i next go shopping :)

  19. mint blouse, clutch from 3rd picture and skirt are beautiful!

  20. Lovely post, I never knew mint was this pretty.

    Fashion Rehab

  21. Oh,my favorite color this season!

  22. Mint is such a fabulous colour, great picks here!

  23. Love all these pics! <3


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