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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The product of the head, heart and hand is a thing to be loved

Oh I'm so proud of myself, yesterday I finished the most annoying paper, now its done! And Im just so happy. I dont need to worry about it anymore. Now, I only have 2 more papers left and after that, I can fully concentrate on my thesis. Isnt that just wonderful!

I was going to blog, yesterday after I turned in my paper, but it was so late so I went to sleep instead. Today is going to be a very busy day, I think Im going to be out all day... So Im to try to do as much work as possible.

Todays post was taken a few days back, I was so ecstatic to show you my newest buy, the peter pan collar.. U don't have an idea of how long I've been longing for a collar like this.. I was going to do one, but I felt like a needed a finish one so that I can copy like the mold. It might sound unnecessary and trust me its not that I lack creativity, oh well... Now I have a peter pan collar, and as soon as i get some free time, I'm going to do a DIY collar =)  
Alright, I hope you liked todays look! Have an amazing thurdays

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An underground palace

The other day, I was watching a travel documentary about the beautiful city of Moscow... From all the places they were showing, one of the places that really made an huge impact on me, was the metro underground station... I mean it s just so cool! Directly after the documentary I went online and looked for pictures of the underground station and couldnt stopped thinking about how cool would it be to do a fashion photoshoot down there... But I quickly realized that it was already been done...  

Last month (I think) the Russian photographer Alena Nikiforova did a stylish project for UNESCO, (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) UNESCO purpose is to promote peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture)the pictures were suppose to be part of an exhibition in France if Im not mistaken... how cool huh?

I think its so important to do stuff like this, we should never forget about the beautiful things, we should try to cherish them, as long as we can... Looking at these pictures made me miss Stockholm's underground stations... (too bad I didnt take that many pictures but oh well maybe I can go and visit the big S, and take the pics I never took)they are not as luxurious as the ones in Moscow, but they are super charming... I wanna visit Moscow just to visit these beautiful stations... Ah, maybe someday...

On another note, I was watching the news and the things that are happening is Syria and Greece makes me feel insecure in a way that I cannot explain... ( Its just so sad) and oh the message that Israel's president send to Iran wasn't that weird?.. I know some would disagree... And as selfish this might sound, I cannot help myself to wonder about my own future... leaving in a country where people like me are not accepted makes me so nervous and its poisoning my soul... the world seems so small... and I wonder if there is a place in this world where you can feel accepted, Let me know if there is a place where things like race, does not matter... I think that the point of this post is just that, well I think that world is too beautiful to be so infected and poisonous as its nowadays... How can something so amazing be so evil... Why are we so immensely evil? Why do we mess up everything we touch? 
Well... this was another late night bloging/babbling number, where thoughts and feelings get mixed up.... Im sick and top of that Im trying to recover from A Series of Unfortunate Events, that I still cannot understand, I just hope to recover from the pain soon, I cannot deal with it now... Tomorrow Im going to my yoga class, hopely that can bring me some peace =) 
Good night and sleep well =)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

I can be your china doll, If you wanna see me fall....

Cardigan- Bikbok, Dress- Missguided, leggings, Headband- Lindex

Oh wow I cannot remember when was the last time I was on a dress.. its really weird... Cuz Im such a girly girl... and for some reason I rarely wear dresses... But not anymore...  I took these pictures  the other and I was in a hurry, so I didnt take that many... And I realized that I look so much like my mom... Its a little bit scary... I guess I just miss her so much, so I m kinda seeing her everywhere...

This week I've been working out a lot, it has helped me relax a lot... another thing that is relaxing me is Lana Del Reys album "Born to die" I love the lyrics, the music, the beat and the feel of the album.... I really cannot tell you what is my favorite song from the album, cuz to be honest I love them all ... she is so wicked...

Alright thats it for today, I hope u like this look and I hope u listen to Lana del Reys album (let me know what you think)... Whats your favorite song, besides Video games, Born to die or Blue Jeans?)
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Have a great weekend and don't forget we are The lucky ones! We are born this way, it shouldn't  be our curse... ( listen to "This is what makes us girls" and you will get what I mean )
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dont mind the acid on the gravel road

Jumper- H&M, Flannel shirt - Gina Tricot, Acid washed pants- Gina tricot, The Glasses are maybe from spain...
sorry for the blurriness
Hehe , I m looking a little bit mad in the pictures right ?! But just so you know I was only trying to look like a bad ass hehe... My favorite picture is the first one, cuz the colors and the intensity of the photo its just great... It might be cuz Im looking away, so I look a little bit mysterious and that is what makes the pictures stand out, perhaps. This look is obviously a simple look, in other words this is basically what I wear to school or if Im going to run some errands... I love how the flannel shirt is sticking out, it gives the outfit a little bit of color and it makes it a little bit more edgy and interesting.

The glasses, I was wearing them just because... But I do think they kinda complete the look... But I do think I need to check out my vision anyway, cuz I used to wear glasses, like for reading and in school, but then the problem got better so stopped wearing... and now the problem seems to be coming back. So I will be checking that with the doctor as soon as I get some time... 

Later girls and dont forget to let me know what you think about this look =) See you all soon =) 

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mon petit déjeuner

 Oh this morning I woke up super early and I started to get ready for school like I usually do... When I was almost ready I looked at my schedule and I realized that I didnt have classes... I was so happy but also a littel bit annoyed, but after two hours of good sleep, I felt like a little princess =) 
I warmed up some water for the tea, took some bread and a bowl of lactos free soured milk with a little bit of honey. I usually add some granola, but my belly is feeling a little bit sensitive =) 
 I just thought that it all looked so fresh and clean with the fashion magazines... Finally a quiet and stress free breakfast =) 
I read my horoscope and it was surprisingly accurate...  It saids that things are going to get better after the 10th, so Im looking forward to this weekend =) 
Have a good day girls, and don't skip breakfast !

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Malmös toughest allley

This was taken just around the corner from where I live. I just love the feeling and the graffiti and the brick wall, the touch of new and old really made an impact on my OOTD. I just love it!
This outfit is very laid back but cool at the same time... The leather jacket and the bowler hat make the outfit stand out even more...  This just proves that once again, that accessories are super important. Oh and check it out Im wearing flat shoes instead of heels... And that, that makes it more real it looks more streetstyle right...

The jacket was actualy a gift from Sheinside, Im super content with it, it just look so damn amazing and it goes well with anything and everything, leather jackets are the shit! 
This jacket even though it looks hard its very soft and simple and thats why I like... So thank you Sheinside for sending me this lovely jacket =) 
Here is the link of the jacket:

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The little bird forgot about me...

Im about to go back to bed, but before that I really wanted to blog. I felt a sleep on the sofa and then suddenly I woke up and ...I felt so left out and forgotten... I looked at the TV that for some reason was still on and I saw that they were showing the last episode from sex and the city (Season 6).
This is probably my favorite episode and season. I just love Carries last words about relationships...  I realized that we often forget about the relation we have with ourselves... Im glad that the bris of the month of change (Veljaca) reminded me that I m important and that my feelings do matter. And anyone who tries to fool you into thinking something else, are not worth your precious time.

She said “Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”

Listopad I hope you find your way back and I hope I find all the leaves that the wind of listopad stole away from me.
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