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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An underground palace

The other day, I was watching a travel documentary about the beautiful city of Moscow... From all the places they were showing, one of the places that really made an huge impact on me, was the metro underground station... I mean it s just so cool! Directly after the documentary I went online and looked for pictures of the underground station and couldnt stopped thinking about how cool would it be to do a fashion photoshoot down there... But I quickly realized that it was already been done...  

Last month (I think) the Russian photographer Alena Nikiforova did a stylish project for UNESCO, (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) UNESCO purpose is to promote peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture)the pictures were suppose to be part of an exhibition in France if Im not mistaken... how cool huh?

I think its so important to do stuff like this, we should never forget about the beautiful things, we should try to cherish them, as long as we can... Looking at these pictures made me miss Stockholm's underground stations... (too bad I didnt take that many pictures but oh well maybe I can go and visit the big S, and take the pics I never took)they are not as luxurious as the ones in Moscow, but they are super charming... I wanna visit Moscow just to visit these beautiful stations... Ah, maybe someday...

On another note, I was watching the news and the things that are happening is Syria and Greece makes me feel insecure in a way that I cannot explain... ( Its just so sad) and oh the message that Israel's president send to Iran wasn't that weird?.. I know some would disagree... And as selfish this might sound, I cannot help myself to wonder about my own future... leaving in a country where people like me are not accepted makes me so nervous and its poisoning my soul... the world seems so small... and I wonder if there is a place in this world where you can feel accepted, Let me know if there is a place where things like race, does not matter... I think that the point of this post is just that, well I think that world is too beautiful to be so infected and poisonous as its nowadays... How can something so amazing be so evil... Why are we so immensely evil? Why do we mess up everything we touch? 
Well... this was another late night bloging/babbling number, where thoughts and feelings get mixed up.... Im sick and top of that Im trying to recover from A Series of Unfortunate Events, that I still cannot understand, I just hope to recover from the pain soon, I cannot deal with it now... Tomorrow Im going to my yoga class, hopely that can bring me some peace =) 
Good night and sleep well =)



  1. aww I hope you feel better

  2. Oooh, love the inspiration fashion shoot they did! Haha, thanks for sharing these photos <3 I love looking at them! I want to travel the world one day and this is definitely on my hit list now. :)
    And yeah, it can be depressing if you think about the evils in this world. I guess it's because we all are naturally sinful. I mean, it's not like we want to admit it, but look at the continual evidence presented in history.
    If we ever find a world where race/gender/etc. doesn't matter, I'd like to know as well. :/
    But hey, don't dwell on it too much! Try focusing on the good that's in your life. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you on the part when u said that we know that we are naturally sinful, but its hard for us to actually admit it... I will try to focus on the positive things =), thanks for replying and have a lovely day =)

  3. Lovely photos, I've always wanted to go to Moscow.. xx

  4. Wow I love this shoot!!!
    And yea, race is an annoying thing...I think there are remnants of racism everywhere even though most people dont even pay attention to things like's a sad world we live in...

    1. Its so sad, but lets hope one day everything will change =) Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my post =) I hope u have a lovely week ahead of you =)

  5. OMG those are train/metro stations?? Unbelievable!! The pictures are amazing, such a perfect for a photo shooting :D

  6. I love your blog. Thanks for the comment on mine. Honoured! I followed too :)


  7. wow wow wow! thse photos are abosolutely amazing! i love them! :D

  8. woww wonderful photos, love the detail of the wall!x

  9. you know... it just a big WOW for this post..
    Gawddd... love everything on it..
    the underground station is so damnnnn beautiful..
    i also love the photo much,, the most i liked is the second one..
    super love it <3

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