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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm a daredevil... are you?

I dare not to care

francesca modell

 Hello girls, I've been so busy with my thesis so thats why I been M.I.A. But today I was feeling creative and also I wanted to inspired you with this collage using one of the pieces/shapewear from vedettestore.

This look is all about being a rebel like Taylor Momsen or Rihanna, this two  girls are just such a daredevils and they dont mind wearing underwear as outwear... I think that the francesca modell is just perfect to create that rocker look for a perfect night out with the girls or for a rock concert. All you need is a leather jacker, some ombre shorts some creepers and some statement accessories

 SO, Do you wanna rock a similar look and be a daredevil like Taylor, MIA or Rihanna? Enter my  GIVEWAY, and maybe you can get your hands on one of this pieces so that you can rock this look all summer!!

God, I need some creepers and some ombre shorts like that...
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your skin against my skin

looking forward to do a DIY with this jacket mmm =)

Hello ma belles! I just got home from the Fashion against aids event and Im so exhausted ... We were there for like 2 hours, there we so many girls and everybody was going nuts... When we first got there I  noticed how everything was gone,, I mean they didnt have my size... But  I knew I wasnt going to walk out of there empty handed... I was standing and waiting like in the line to go to the changing room with my friends and there were two girls  standing right beside us and they were like: oh do you want our stuff , because we don't want it and I jumped in and I was like hell yeah... So, after some swapping and some searching/hunting  I managed to get all the things that I wanted... I did went a little bit over budget but I did ok considering that I actually got all the items that I've been eying ever since I found out about the collection...  

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I can start talking about todays post... As you can see Im rocking the 90's, with the oversize denim jacket and the baseball cap... Im really loving this trend with the baseball cap (u have no idea) and I m going to rock it all summer! Watch me!
But what do you think about the baseball cap trend? are you lovin or hatin... Can I pull it off? 
let me know in the comment box my belles =) 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting in touch with my third eye

I m completely obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with astrology, spirituality, new age, mystical stuff, karma, feng shui, destiny, and so much more...( I know Im very superstitious and I dont see that as something negative)  I m actually a pretty center person and Im not silly with it ( I take it very serious) - but taking in consideration all the years I've spent behind the desk, believing in all that stuff doesn't really fit my profile and  I  know I shouldn't believe in that kind of stuff, but hey I do! What are going to do about it? hehe 

So when I found this necklace I was so trilled that I finally found my third eye... Ever since this type of jewelry came out (seen it first on tumblr of course), I've been obsessing about getting either a third eye necklace or the ring... There is nothing silly about this, at least thats what I think... Having a third eye, could mean so many things and people shouldn't take this too literally...

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Alright I hope you dont think Im too crazy... and I hope you like these photos... Because I really like them...  Dont forget to let me know in the comment box if you like the photos and also if you believe in superstitions?
Have a nice day my belles!

PS. only a couple of days left to enter my GIVEAWAY =)


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trapped between two walls

trapped between natural walls
and physical walls

Hello my darlings, U know, yesterday was such a crappy day for me... Oh well the first part of the day was ok... But after 5 pm it turned ugly... After school I decided to visit a local thrift store... Because I really wanted to find a jacket for spring... and I did... So I was happy about that... When I came out of the store I realized that my bike was gone ... I started to panic and started to look harder... But no, I couldn't find it...I was so mad, cuz there were plenty of bikes that were unluck... So why would my bike be missing... Anyways, at some point for no reason I reached down to my pocket and I noticed that my keys were missing as well... I went back to the store to see if I could find my keys there.. But I was sure that they weren't there... And they weren't, of curse... So I really dont know what happen... Did I really forgot my keys on the luck or what? 

When came home I wasn't able to reach my landlord so I was out in the cold waiting for like an hour... When I finally got in side my apartment.. I ate something quickly and soon after that I felt a sleep.... This morning I woke up hoping that  everything that had happened was just a dream. But no... Now I dont have a bike and it sucks... I need a bike to get around... I refuse to take the bus... And its not that Im lazy to walk... I just have so many things going on in my life...  That I would probably need to start waking up at like 5 am just to get around all the things I need to get done.... Idk why I am  telling you all this... I just need to let it all out... Damn this really sucks... my bike and all my keys are gone... Now its almost 7 am and  I need to start getting ready so I can make it to the UN course... I really need my bike back NOW!

About the outfit...  I love getting all dolled up specially when I know Im going to do an outfit of the day OOTD... But sometimes... I feel like you should also see, this other side of me that is more casual and a little bit edgy... I hope you like it and please be careful and be more attentive... Have a nice weekend my belles... Talk to you all soon =) 

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dressing up for a cuase!

Hi there ma belles... Im at the school library, I got here really early and I manage "to take over" one of the private study rooms... its so quite (perfect for studying) and Im going to spend the day here working on my bachelor thesis =).. But before I start writing.. I wanted to do a quick post because I couldn't  wait any longer to share this with you... So next week is going to be crazy... Im going to be attending like 4 fashion related events... My local stores are having mini events almost all week for their members.. So Im looking forward to get as many freebies as possible haha... Sorry I just love free stuff... But the only event that Im flipping over is the "Fashion against aids event- hosted by H&M (Im already on their guest list so Im so exited) I really cannot wait!  And I m really hoping to get my hands on at least one of the pieces from the Collection... I bet you guys already had a pick of the collection, so u know that its dope!.. heheh

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Under your spell

Hello my darlings! I was going to write a long post... But my mind is else where. So I decided to let the pictures do the talking... Sorry for the short post... Im just a little bit under the weather... 

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Talk to you soon and thank you for visiting my blog ma belles =)

Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY in process baby!

Hello there my darlings... I wanted to show a little project that I recently started... Ever since I got the vest I wanted to do something to it... I think it looks cool the way it is, but I think  I could make it more cooler hehe =) As u can see I still havent figure out how this is going to turn out... But Im liking it so far... What do you guys think? Do u like or do you hate... should I go for the cross in the back or the weird criss cross? 

And oh yeah, the black material that Im using is actually faux leather =)
Alright, thats it for today... Tomorrow Im going to post an OOTD, oh cannot wait =) 

Ps. dont forget to enter my little giveaway =)

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vedettestore Giveaway

Hello there my belles! I hope you are having a great day! Before I start talking about the giveway, I wanted to say a few words about "today outfit" As u can see and wearing these summery clothes with this gorgeous corset that was given to me by vedettestore...  I think this piece is perfect for summer, you can totally weare it like regular clothes, but only if you style it right, other wise you might look a little bit tacky. So what u can do is to pair it with a blazer, a jacket or a vest... Or you can also style it like I did here... Get a sleeveless blouse and tie it up with a 90's knot, put some shorts on or a flowy skirt and you are good to go =) 

I really like the idea of wearing underwear as outerwear. I think its very cool cuz it makes the outfit more unique and more sexy without necessarily making you look tacky... I also love how the corset accentuates my waist... I feel sexy without looking tacky!

Alright its time to talk about the giveway: 

The lovely people from Vedette store shapewear are kindly giving away 3 gorgeous shaperwears from their line (you can pick anything from their basic line not the sensual line) to my lovely readers (how cool is that?!)

Here are some things you need to do to enter the giveaway

1 like VEDETTE'S facebook page:   

2 follow them on twitter:!/vedettestore/

3. follow me on blogloving 
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4. follow me on facebook 

 Leave a comment below with your email address and name so I can contact you 

The giveaway is open till April 30th at Midnight

          Giveaway is open Internationally except Philippines (sorry)
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Green and polka dots equals love

Hello my darlings! I just came home from the gym and Im so f'ing tired... I know I say that a lot but Im not trying to be dramatic. I 've been doing so much lately.. Damn, s (ometimes I wonder if its healthy to do that much. I just really wanna do stuff with my life... I was always feel like Im not doing enough... So, besides teaching Swedish at the women center and the little work I do with the latin-group and some other stuff that I do. I started volunteering for the red cross and IM (individuell människohjälp) or individual relief org... Just because " I can". Im really really proud of myself for doing a lot... But yeah, sometimes its a little bit overwhelming... But what can I say, I'm a "workaholic" =)  

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