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Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY in process baby!

Hello there my darlings... I wanted to show a little project that I recently started... Ever since I got the vest I wanted to do something to it... I think it looks cool the way it is, but I think  I could make it more cooler hehe =) As u can see I still havent figure out how this is going to turn out... But Im liking it so far... What do you guys think? Do u like or do you hate... should I go for the cross in the back or the weird criss cross? 

And oh yeah, the black material that Im using is actually faux leather =)
Alright, thats it for today... Tomorrow Im going to post an OOTD, oh cannot wait =) 

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  1. ohh wowww, love this DIY, such a great idea!!!!!!
    By the way, I did a new blog, can you follow me again????????I want to recover my followers!!!!
    I'lll follow you now ofc!

  2. Hi there hun, I absolutely adore stumbling upon bloggers' DIY ideas and this is a rather fetching one ^_^ Defo go with the single cross on the back =) Its already such a focus that there needn't be anymore crosses =) Looking forward to the complete project, Im sure you'll completely rock it out like all your others haha.

    Eeli xo

  3. YES. This is awesome. I need to do something like this ASAP.. I really like the star-cross-shape.

  4. anticipating the diy!!

  5. Hi Amanda! Tkanks for visiting me ;)
    Great blog!
    If you don't mind we colud follow each other, I'm starting now ;)

  6. I think it looks great! I really need to get more into DIYS! xx

  7. I love the plain cross on the back, that's really nice :)

  8. Oh wow YES...LOVE IT!!! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket or vest..especially since I lost mine in our recent move. This one simply couldn't be anymore perfect. I adore what you've done with with so far! xx Marisa

  9. Such a great idea - the vest looks fabulous!

    Fashion in Pepperland

  10. wow, what a great idea! really love it!

  11. Looks great so far, can't wait to see the finished product! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! xxx

  12. Beautifully! Great blog! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]

  13. Looking great so far! I think I'd like the criss cross better... but either way is fun :)

  14. you are beyond amazinggg! i love this so much - i would buy it in a store! i like the normal cross because it definitely matches the shape of the jacket itself more. this is such a great idea and the studs are the perfect touch. your blog is so amazing! i'm so glad i found it!

  15. NICE!! I have a similar denim vest but I'm not that good in all the diy -stuff so I'm always admiring what others have come up with :) The cross on the back would look super cool!



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