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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dressing up for a cuase!

Hi there ma belles... Im at the school library, I got here really early and I manage "to take over" one of the private study rooms... its so quite (perfect for studying) and Im going to spend the day here working on my bachelor thesis =).. But before I start writing.. I wanted to do a quick post because I couldn't  wait any longer to share this with you... So next week is going to be crazy... Im going to be attending like 4 fashion related events... My local stores are having mini events almost all week for their members.. So Im looking forward to get as many freebies as possible haha... Sorry I just love free stuff... But the only event that Im flipping over is the "Fashion against aids event- hosted by H&M (Im already on their guest list so Im so exited) I really cannot wait!  And I m really hoping to get my hands on at least one of the pieces from the Collection... I bet you guys already had a pick of the collection, so u know that its dope!.. heheh

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  1. good luck with the thesis! all the fashion events sound super exciting. I love H&M's Fashion against aids collections, hope you get something good! xo

  2. Wow the event sounds so exciting! You're going to have a fantastic time! Hope all the work on your thesis goes well!


  3. good luck, hope u'll get ur work done! and i'm superduper jealous that u have the chance to visit so many events, haha. and i really have to check this collection, the aztec jacket and bralet on the photos are AWESOME! and u're not the only one who loves freebies, haha! x

  4. cool! bet you're really excited

  5. good luck with thesis!I'm workin on mine too. lets pray the best for both of us! :)

    1. Good luck with your thesis as well =)

  6. love seeing fashion encourage such a great cause
    nice feature, these are great photographs

  7. take lots of photos while youre out and about having fun! good luck on your paper ;-) talk to you soon!


  8. Great! Have fun!


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