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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting in touch with my third eye

I m completely obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with astrology, spirituality, new age, mystical stuff, karma, feng shui, destiny, and so much more...( I know Im very superstitious and I dont see that as something negative)  I m actually a pretty center person and Im not silly with it ( I take it very serious) - but taking in consideration all the years I've spent behind the desk, believing in all that stuff doesn't really fit my profile and  I  know I shouldn't believe in that kind of stuff, but hey I do! What are going to do about it? hehe 

So when I found this necklace I was so trilled that I finally found my third eye... Ever since this type of jewelry came out (seen it first on tumblr of course), I've been obsessing about getting either a third eye necklace or the ring... There is nothing silly about this, at least thats what I think... Having a third eye, could mean so many things and people shouldn't take this too literally...

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Alright I hope you dont think Im too crazy... and I hope you like these photos... Because I really like them...  Dont forget to let me know in the comment box if you like the photos and also if you believe in superstitions?
Have a nice day my belles!

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  1. I think the necklace and the shades are quite dope!! Im not really superstitious.. I do believe in astrology and to me karma is not to be messed with. I just feel whatever you put into the universe you'll get it right back.

    Editor & Chic

  2. Oh that necklace is absolutely stunning!

  3. very interesting blog! I'm following you now. Would you like to visit me too?

  4. I love these photos! My left wrist is covered in eye bracelets. Love it.


  5. i love these photos! you look amazing and they're so cool :) love the eye necklace and the round sunglasses are just so cool x

  6. Your hair is so awesome!x

    Thanks for your comments on ThankFifi.x

  7. You and I share very similar background! I was born in a different country, raised in two other countries and now live in anohter country again lol
    Thanks for visitng my blog recently! Would you like to follow each other?

  8. What a fun piece of jewelry! It looks like you're going to enjoy it!

  9. These pictures are gooorgeous, no doubt! :) and I'm loving your sunnies!!
    I don't think I'm that much of a superstition, but I do believe in karma... "what comes around, goes around" u know ;)


  10. So cool, love the necklace

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  11. Such a fun necklace, and love those sunglasses!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Gosh hun,we dont think you're crazy at all. You actually seem like exactly my type of girl! haha. LOVE the new acquisition too! I would've totally have snaffled it up too haha.

    Eeli xo

  13. First, loving these shots!!! The necklace is cool too :)

  14. You are so beautiful and your outfits are always perfectly composed!

    I too am a fan of astrology.. it's such an interesting thing and it makes me feel more in touch with myself..

    Keep being wonderful!

    sending you happy spells

  15. likeeee your blog! :):)
    keep posting and go for it!!!


  16. I like your title "your skin agains my skin",as the cool look!!

  17. That's a cool necklace!

    xo Jennifer


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