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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Euphoric love

Omg Im so exited! Congrats Sweden and congrats Loreen! Yes, we won the eurovision song contest, Well done Loreen u are such a sweetheart and u seem like a hopeless romantic just like me =)And even though the song is not really about love... whats is love without euphoria... Anyways I get chills when I listen to this song and I super happy for once =)
Good night my dolls =) 

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  1. aww thanks girl!
    seems super cool!(:
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  2. it is a really song, stood out for me when i watched eurovision. glad she won.

  3. I love that performance at eurovision!! was great!
    I just found your blog! that's nice!
    Like to follow each other? we could stay in contact!
    I hope so! I already follow you on GFC and Bloglovin!


  4. Loreen's song and performance was absolutely above everyone else's! The song is just crazy good...And she is crazy beautiful. Congrats Sweden, i knew this was gonna be your year!! I also loved Estonia and Norway (can't believe it came last though wtf?) and Ukraine!

    Haha I finally get to comment the contest to someone who really cares, cause in Finland ESC isn't considered that big of a deal really but i happen to love it and watch it every year over excited :DD I wanna be there in Stockholm next year, i can imagine the show's gonna be amazing!


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