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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flying away or running towards you

hehe, my fly was open =)
 Hello my sweet blog, I missed you so much, I hate being away from you... its not fair to you or to me but Im back again... and I have so much to tell you but  I m super tired... You know I been working on my final thesis and right now I only want to know if I did a good job or not.... not knowing is really killing me...  Yesterday I was going to post this super emo post about me being sad and blah, but I decided to not do it... just cuz Im so f'''ing tired of being sad and down... The damage is done so the best thing for me is to find ways to move on...  Oh well... I took these pictures a while ago and it was a little bit cold that day so thats why Im wearing so much clothes, but I still wanted to share them with you guys... I hope you like them =) Besos my darlings!

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  1. Love every detail of this post ! Shorts + shirt + shoes.. Amazing !

    follow each other ?

  2. i'm sure you did a wonderful job on your thesis! best of luck!

  3. good luck with your thesis! You look lovely, the cardigan is a gorgeous colour! xo

  4. Love this look! I hope things start looking up for you :)

    xo Jennifer

  5. Hey, nice to have you back! You look so very very beautiful in these pictures and that pink sweater is so adorable on you:)
    Good luck with your results of your thesis, I'm sure you did well! <3


  6. wonderful look. i love it so much.
    fantastic hair, btw!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  7. You look very beautiful! That cardigan is beautiful!

    xoxo, Laura

  8. Love the way you've paired your necklace over the shirt, it's so pretty!!xx Alice

  9. Love this look, especially your hair!

  10. Gorgeous photos & a fabulous layered look for a cooler day. Really like the pop of colour added with your cardigan as well :) Don't stress too much about your thesis, I'm sure you did wonderfully!

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  11. Hi beautiful! tnks a lot for ur lovely comment (: U look great in this pictures!! Would u like to follow each other? (:

    xx from

  12. Så fint! Gillar verkligen halsbandet :)

    - Victoria

  13. The perfect look, loves it!

  14. Love your cardigan! Looks so comfy and cozy!

  15. your shirt and necklace are gorgeous - lola x

  16. you have such a great style,dear <3

  17. Great look, I love your necklace!!

  18. Yayy it's so nice to hear from you again Amanda! I missed your beautiful pics as well :] I'm loving everything about this outfit...The shoes, the cosy knit, the blouse, the shorts, the necklace EVERYTHING. And yeah it's a llooot warmer now so this kinda outfit is out of the question in this heat, but i think it's also kinda shame coz i love wearing those chunky and loose knits with :D

  19. I hope you find out about your thesis soon. I'm sure you did a great job!
    I'm really really loving those shoes you're wearing. They look awesome with the tights and shorts. I wish it was still cool enough to wear tights here!

  20. Wow You look really amazing baby!
    Love your blog <3

    A lot of kisses from Poland

  21. Wow you look amazing! That shirt is great & the pink sweater is so pretty
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!


  22. Loving your style and your blog! You have such an interesting background. Best of luck on the thesis! xx

    Love from Canada,
    Carly + Stacie

  23. Nice!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    - Maudleen


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