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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cervix Coloscopy And Biopsy talk

Hello there! I though I would do a post, only dedicated to this thing I'm going through right now, just because I kinda want to document this and also to inform others...  and also because I know a lot of young girls like me are going trough the same thing... Maybe we can support each other in this battle...For those of you who dont read my blog regularly, a couple of months ago I did a post about me potentially being diagnosed with the most horrible disease... 
So it all started with me getting my second pap smear test, my first one was fine and then I moved back to campus and they called me in to do a new one in my new city, I later found out that I got called in by mistakes because once you are clear you only need to do it like every year or so... But anyways this mistake basically saved my life ... Cuz when the results from my second pap smear came I got a letter saying that my pap smear was abnormal meaning I had some cell changes and basically that I needed to wait 3 months to see if the cell changes would heal on their own... and that I should not be worry.After 3 months they say that they would call me back to check things up... After  this I got really scared, even though I knew we weren't talking about actual having cancer the though of potentially developing it really scared me.. And it still does...

 At the end of May or something like that, I got the letter from my doctor saying that I needed to come in again to do a check up and yeah like I mentioned before my appointment was on my birthday. The 7th of June on my birthday, I went to the clinic, thinking that I would just get a another pap smear test but I was actually going for a coloscopy and biopsy ( this is done to see is if you have pre cancerous or cancerous cells on your cervix)... Before she started with the coloscopy, we talked and I learned that I have something called ascus. ASCUS stands for like ... Atypical Cells of Undetermined Significance,and it basically means that I have mild cellular changes that could be pre cancerous and unfortunately the cause of ascus is still unknown and if they are not controlled, there is a big chance that you could potentially develop cancer in like your 30s or 40s . But sometimes this changes appear when you get the HPV virus. You can basically get HPV anytime in your life and it doesn't mean like you are promiscuous and you can also be in a committed relationship and still get it. The abnormalities or ascus in your pap smear could also be caused by an irritation or an infection like yeast infections... she said that there is a big chance that its an irritation in my case.. So idk, if I should be happy about that or not.

Anyways, She told me that the coloscopy is not that bad and it wasn't that bad its almost like a pap test, but the biopsy wasn't fun... I mean it was horrible... I think it was extra horrible because for some reason I wanted to watched what they were doing... I really dont trust anybody so I was like extra doubtful... After this I had this weird feeling down there and also if I tried to laugh or anything I could feel this weird sensation... Another thing that I hated was seeing all the blood... When I got up I saw that I was bleeding. I got really scared but I just tried to be as normal as possible... I always do that though,  I always try to hide my true emotions... It usually takes me a day or two to admit that I was hurt or that I didnt like something... So basically the first day and second day I tried to act like it wasn't a big deal and that I was fine, but now that it has been like 3 days since my biopsy I can tell you that I feel a little bit sad and a little bit down about the whole thing... I just want this to be over!

So what happens now... Now I have to wait another 4 - 6 weeks to see what  is going to happen to me next... I also got some medication to fight the irritation. I feel like Im back in square one again. Maybe I'm just being too negative, I dont know....But I just feel like I still dont know what is going on! And it all feels like a dream...
Ok I wanna end this post by saying that a pap smear is super important and that its something you shouldn't  neglect! Its a priority! Its a simple test that could basically save your life. So if you are in your early 20's or younger/older and you haven't done one, go and schedule one right now!


  1. Psychologically I'm sure this is not an easy thing to go through but I encourage you to STAY POSITIVE! Stressing is no good for the body and in sensitive matters like this we want to encourage the body to remain as healthy as possible. I think it's especially brave of you to be sharing your story in attempt to raise awareness and I truly hope that all works out in your favor.

  2. Oh my, I almost started to cry! All my love and best wishes go to you, try to stay strong. I hope everything turns out well.<3

  3. Ohnoooo.. Goodluck with everything, and I hope everything turns out positive! <3


  4. Oh no. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You're doing everything you can in this situation, though. I hope everything turns out alright!

  5. Oh god, i'm so sorry for you that it's really hard to put it in words really... You shouldn't have to go through anything like this and yes you've got ALL the right to feel depressed or sad or down or whatever, i surely would too in your position. I get so scared only thinking about serious diseases and the possibility of getting one, so i can only imagine how frightened you must be. Just try to remember that you're in good care now and they discovered it really early and that they haven't even given you any final or serious diagnosis.
    Ggaah i wish i could just give you a big hug but all i can can say is try not to think about any worst-case-scenarios and focus on the things that give you joy. You'll get through this Amanda!
    And thanks for being so open about all of this, i hope that sharing it with us helps even a bit :)


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