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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Leaving in a make believe land

Last weekend I posted a couple of really random post and I think you all enjoyed it... especially the one with my lovely P'trique right?...  I guess that you can already tell by the title of todays post, that Im going to talk about the one and only Marina and the diamonds... I just recently heard her music and Im completely in love... I love her style, her voice and her music... I know a lot of people compare her to my lovely Lana Del Rey (IM a HUGE of fan of her and I think I want Lanas and Marinas albums for my Bday, I think Im going to spoil my self =) ), I guess their music could be classified in the same box, but they are not the same! Trust me!

 The songs that really spoke to my heart are:
 Lies (every time I listen to this song I feel like Im re-leaving the past),
 Homewrecker  ( I can relate - haha the title is perfect!)
Prima donna ( I wanna be one or  do I ? )
Im not a robot (Is a must, even thouh its from the same album Electra heart)
 Starring roll(makes me wanna cry a little bit, Only I know why)
 The state of dreaming (gosh I love this song)
 Hypocrates ( Because you are one ) 
Power and control (because life is about having power and control)
 and I guess thats it...
 I guess I really liked her music because I feel like, I know exactly what she is talking about and what she is coming from = ) 
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  1. great pictures!!


  2. Lovely photos!!!

    xo Emma

  3. stunning inspiration!

  4. Gorgeous photos, I love the different styles! :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  5. omg great pics!


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