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Saturday, August 25, 2012

You bought a star in the sky tonight

I took these pictures back in July, but for some reason I never got the chance to post them... something was keeping me from posting them and I really dont know what it was... maybe it was the fact that they were taken inside... I really dont like taking pictures inside, cuz I feel like they do not turn as great as the pictures I take outside... I wish I could take stunning pictures inside and outside... I mean a lot of girls take amazing photos inside right?... I guess the key is lighting...But today,  I finally decided to post them... even though Im not happy with the lighting, there is something about these pictures that draws me in...and makes me wonder if I could buy a star tonight? 
All in the name of being holy
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  1. Well glad you finally shared them! Haha, that neon yellow blouse is so cool :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. pues a mi si me gustan! ese efcto de fuego es guay...pero entiendo lo que dices, yo tambien veo a chicas que hacen fotos increibles y pienso: joder, yo keiro fotos asi! ejejje. xoxoxo

  3. glad you posted them. Neon looks fab on you!xx

  4. I love that neon. Looks so great on you :). And the inside photos are brilliant

  5. You look great. :) I'd like to get good photos inside too, but it's kinda difficult.. I pretty much always loose my cool when I try to do so. :D

  6. cute look!

  7. wow cool photo effect! love ur shirt <3

  8. These are great, you should do more often the inside version :))

  9. Aah you look SO beautiful! And your hair <3<3
    Love the look as well, i want that yellow blouse and that cross necklace!!

    I know what you mean with the indoors/outdoors pics...It's a lot trickier to take good photos inside but sometimes you just kinda have no other choice :/ i think these ones turned out really nice :)

  10. Gorgeous, I don't know why you didn't post them sooner! Loving the effects


  11. These colors are beautiful together and your hair is stunning as always.

  12. A lot of people take great shots inside - just like these! :) Great stuff!

  13. Really like your outfit, and the photos look great inside. :)
    Also great blog and style, I'm following you now.

    (I wrote another comment but it gave me an error so I don't know if it was sent)


  14. You look amazing! I love this shirt!

    Best wishes from Poland :)

  15. Great shirt, yellow suits you so much!:)
    xx Simona

  16. The pictures look good. but i know what you mean, outside is definitely better. Love your shirt.

    Lola x

  17. Love it!
    and love your blog!!
    pls follow me back, would be so nice :D



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