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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Issue 1.3

I recently came across Nelly's newest collection Issue 1.3. Im completely in love with this collection. The is collection is a combination of sexy and androgynous where France meets Scandinavia. I love it because it offers a great range of sweet and cozy cardis and jumpers, party clothes, chic shiffong blouses... with hard pieces of latex/leather On of the pieces I felt I love with is this grey jacket.. And I think that I going to get this for winter its going to be perfect for this winter 

Kläderna i videon är från Rebecka Simonssons kollektion Rebecka Stella

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Cover me with blue roses - Pants Super old H&M - Shoes:Nelly . Beanie Primark Barcelona also old
I got this amazing at the Nelly catwalk event( the nelly catwalk is a fashion event hosted by nelly - and the 100th lucky people get to pick and item from the catwalk for FREE, they even have the same event for shoes) back in June.But the blazer didn't arrive until late august. I already wore it once but I was dying to show you this little piece... I wish I had the pants I mean the whole suit...yes I said the whole suit... Imagine how wonderful that would look together... But I think I did a pretty good job, styling this blazer... Its really an over the top / statement piece but you can totally turn it up by adding a little beanie to keep you warm while other think you are cool =) heheh... At least that is what I though when I was dressing up =)  I mean if you don't tell that to yourself, who else is going to... 

Remember confidence always starts from within! 

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take a fika with me!

Hello there! On yesterday's post I mentioned that I was having some technical difficulties with my blog and that I was going to fix it later on that day... Well that didn't happen.. I'm still having problems with it and I'm kinda annoyed with the design of my blog... Instead of fixing the impossible, I went out with my friend A for a fika... Fika is probably the most used word in the everyday life of a typical swede... Fika is probably the first Swedish word you are going to learn if you come to Sweden.
So what's fika? Fika is simply the act of drinking a hot (or cold) beverage while ingesting some sort of pastry or dessert or even a sandwich at a café or bistro. I think fika is probably the cutest Swedish word besides älskling which means darling : )
Anyways I think it's amazing that I didn't order my favorite drink ever = Chai latte! But now that I just started using my shape up app again... I cannot allow myself to fall for the chai latte's magical smell and taste... And with that said, I'm going to finish this post by saying:
Tack mina älsklingar, för all kärlek ni visar till min blogg = Thank you my darlings for all the love that you show to my blog!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Jacket:H&M - Tshirt:Missguided - Skirt: Gina Tricot- Shoes:Sheinside

Im experiencing some technical difficulties with the blog, but Im not going to be able to fix it at the moment... I have a lot to do... But I will post this look really quick... and I will be dealing with this problem later on today, when I m calmer and more relaxed... I think Im going to leave you now, I need to drink some tea so I can continue with my work and I will talk to you later... 
I hope like the pictures =)
Lol, its funny cause I kinda feel like that lion, I just wanna say:RAWR and just be finish with all the things I need to do...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Missoni for Lindex

One of the biggest fashion bombs here in Sweden at the moment is the release of the unique Lindex Missoni collection. As you all know Missoni is well known for their signature zig-zag patterns and over the top designs... This collection with Lindex, captures the essence of Missoni but in a more casual way. When I first saw the video of the fashion show that took place at the Italian Embassy in Stockholm at the beginning of September. I felt really exited about the collection... But I don't know, for some reason I don't feel so exited anymore...I don't know if its because of the over exposure about this collection or if its because even though they say that the collection is fitted to all ages, I feel like its more appealing for an older audience. And also for some reason its a little bit too dull... And I think that is a pity.... Maybe I was expecting something else... Even though I am a little bit critical about the collection... I feel that its super cool that Lindex is doing a collaboration of this magnitude and also its a little bit refreshing that another Swedish boutique beside H&M, is doing a collaboration like this... 
Anyways, here is how I would style two of the items that I liked from the collection
Tell me what you think? 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

With love comes hostility

Kimono: Monki- Sweater:Ruth mfl. - Leggings:Gina Tricot -
Hello my darlings, I'm just watching the ending of the movie "Grown ups", what a great movie! Funny, but with a great message behind it... I really love the part when the old lady saids " with love comes hostility" very nice!
Anyway, as you can see todays outfit is very simple but super hot if you ask me. The quality of the pictures is just the way I like it , but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take a whole variety of pictures...its not easy to take pictures when people are being creeps... Sometimes I can deal... Because some people are nice/normal about it .... I mean they can come up and say things like: Are the pictures turning good? But some people stare in a perverted way... But I'm just going to get over it =) 
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