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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take a fika with me!

Hello there! On yesterday's post I mentioned that I was having some technical difficulties with my blog and that I was going to fix it later on that day... Well that didn't happen.. I'm still having problems with it and I'm kinda annoyed with the design of my blog... Instead of fixing the impossible, I went out with my friend A for a fika... Fika is probably the most used word in the everyday life of a typical swede... Fika is probably the first Swedish word you are going to learn if you come to Sweden.
So what's fika? Fika is simply the act of drinking a hot (or cold) beverage while ingesting some sort of pastry or dessert or even a sandwich at a café or bistro. I think fika is probably the cutest Swedish word besides älskling which means darling : )
Anyways I think it's amazing that I didn't order my favorite drink ever = Chai latte! But now that I just started using my shape up app again... I cannot allow myself to fall for the chai latte's magical smell and taste... And with that said, I'm going to finish this post by saying:
Tack mina älsklingar, för all kärlek ni visar till min blogg = Thank you my darlings for all the love that you show to my blog!

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  1. i hope you solve these problems soon.
    lovely pics!all these sweets look delicious.

  2. You have a good style and a goegous hair! :D

  3. I must start using this word whenever I am at my favorite bistro :)


  4. i just learned a new word today! thank you :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  5. Oh yes, I would like to do this. Especially if it involves pastries :-)

  6. Mmmmmm those cakes look so yummy :) xx

  7. Thank you for sharing now I know some swedish words haha. I experienced drinking hot drink with pastry when I went in India this summer here in my hot country it's not something common.

  8. Great pics!


  9. My swedish is sooo bad though I've been having it since I was 13... Shame really 'cos I'd like to be able to speak it better than I do. I really want some cake right now btw. Hah. :)


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