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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thinking about you Jimi... (fashion inspo)

I know I've mentioned this before in a previous post... So, I really know that I dont need to say it again but I dont give a **** SO Im going to say it again... I f**** love JH!Oh, I still remember the first time I heard his music,I was only 15 or 14 and I totally felt in love and he was my biggest crush... Ah, he is just too cool for his own good...  I really cannot get over his style and the way he dressed... Damn Jimi! How the hell did you get away with all the things that you did... Matching and mixing like there was no tomorrow. I totally need to do a LOTD inspired by him, don't I?
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  1. Great inspo! Love the jackets.


  2. JIMIIIII! HE IS SO AWESOME, my twin brother LOVES him :)
    JH style is def a style icon !

  3. Great pics!!!
    That guy is great!!

  4. inspiring post!!
    love all the print shirts!!


  5. I have 2 of his pictures on canvas in my apartment. Classic!

    Sincerely Daja


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