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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wishlist of the day

Beautysets - Hair wishlist of the day

Im not a product junkie but I do like to try new products every now and then, my little hair/product shelf is emptying up and I really want to get some new products soon =) Last week I tried the Aussie 3 minute miracle frizz remedy ( I had one little free example that I got a while back, you know those you get from the mall or magazines, oh I love getting those) Anyways, My hair was feeling blah(DRY) and I needed to do something, I starting to notes that my TRESemmé split ends formula is not working too well... (I guess my hair got bored)  I usually do natural hair remedies but I remembered that I had the aussie example... So, now that I had that little preview of the Aussie's product I totally feel like I need to get them =) I think Im going to get my hands on that product line before I get my hands on the Macadamia and Morrocan oil line... I heard wonders about these two lines, but Im such a coward and maybe a little bit too careful when it comes to my hair products... I like doing research and checking up and if it wasnt for that free example that I got from Aussie I wouldn't even try it hehe =)... So girls what do you guys think about the Aussie products would you recommend them and have any of you try the Macadamian or the Morrocan oil line? Should I get them or not.... I think should get Aussie first right?

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  1. I definitely want to try Moroccan oil/shampoos

    xo Jennifer

  2. Hey beauty! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m so glad you liked it :D
    I love yours, I follow you now on GFC, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin’
    Keep in touch!

  3. I haven't tried the repair mask but I love the aussi deep conditioner, I use the 24 hour hair insurance spray too although I am not sure it actually does anything!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  4. This Macadamia masque makes magic! You should definitely try it.

  5. Aah I love Aussie products, they smell so goooood :D I've got the Colour Mate 3 minute deep treatment conditioner (or something like that) and it definitely leaves my hair feeling really smooth and silky :]

  6. I've had the Aussie 3 minute miracle and I liked it. It smells nice and it makes my hair really easy to brush and silky.

  7. Va bra saker att önska sig :)

  8. i also want to try out some maroccan oil shampoo!

  9. åå tack gumman:) allt bra med dig? kram

  10. Macademian hårinpackningen är bra.=)

  11. sv: Ja det tycker jag allt att du ska göra:)


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