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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Florals and pastels

Goodmorning!  I know is 12 but I just woke up, I m still pretty tired from my little trip to Malmö... I was a long day yesterday and I feel like its Friday and not Wednesday.... My body is pretty exhausted mentally and physically, my throat is sour, it feels like I might get a migraine if I move... and last night I could sleep so I was for like 4 hours... I need a day off... Next week is going to be crazy with me starting my Master program and all but Im so so happy... Yesterday was a special not only becuase my exam but also because I got a letter from my doctor saying that the cell changes are gone! I still cannot believe it... How awesome is that... I know I havent talk about the cell change thing for a while mostly because I felt like I was to much energy on me being sick because of the cell changes... But enough about that, Im happy and tired but happy! Yesterday was an amazing day for me... 
Now lets talk about todays outfit.... These shorts I got a while ago from misguided but for some reason I havent were them that much... This is pretty simple but I love how this look... I might wear this the first day of class idk... But the most funny thing about this look is that I was having some problems with my remote, you see picture nr 2 was actually taken by accident... sometimes this happens with my remote and its mostly because the clicking button gets jammed but I fixed at the end =) I also wanted to say that whole point of me sharing last night post was to inspire, encourage others that are maybe in the same situation... And I know how hard it can be when you fail, specially when there is so much to loose.

Try this look:
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  1. nice look dear, love your coat :))

  2. I'm glad that you're healthy!
    Cute coat!

    xo Jennifer

  3. That you always pretty, that skirt is amazing


  4. So happy about the cell changes!

    Loving this outfit. The paste color goes great with the floral print! Such a great soft look for winter. I really adore the jacket as well. I need a camera with a remote! Relying on other people to take my pictures is such a hassle, haha. Great outfit!

    Style Infatuation


  6. Lovely look! Everything has been combined and styled perfectly! :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xx

  7. så himla fin och söt otufit! ♥

  8. I looove your shorts! Glad to hear your health is okay again!:)

  9. I loveee your shorts and that necklace! xx

  10. Ahhh I love this!! I want to steal it from you! haha. I just adore that necklace.


  11. Great Post!

    Loving this look ! Nothing can go wrong with that and also great statement necklace !!



  12. Great choices of colors in this outfit! You look so gorgeous!

  13. love the sweater dear and the way you mix it with the coat :D

  14. Absolute gorgeousness!


  15. So chic!

    i love your shoots, they always have a retro look:)


  16. Ooooh, gorgeous use of florals! I love the pale pink top and your chic coat :)

    Trendy Teal

  17. Aww I'm so happy about your health state even though I don't know much about cell changes you're talking about but it seems a good new for you. As for the outfit I love it this is def something I would wear. Gorgeous use of colors here!

  18. That necklace is gorgeous. What a wonderful blogxx

  19. You've done it again, this floral shorts paired with the pink sweater and white collared top makes this such a polished look! I like how you kept with the color scheme adding the black tights. Seriously, I love those booties!

    xoxo Akinyi


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