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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New in

Hello girls, I usually dont do this type of post, first of all because I havent been shopping that much lately and second of all, and second of all I just feel like I shouldn't post about the things I get... But I sure do love haul post.. I love seeing what other people get, I found it super interesting... So I hope you found this post interesting =) . So this first picture is just a little view over some of the stuff that my family and my honey bear got for me this Christmas... My sibling got me other things like Rafaello's (I loooove Rafaello's mmm I can feel the taste in my mouth right now hehe) and some hello kitty stuff, but I m not going to show you all... My honey bear got me a gorgeous perfume by Burrberry called body and I m so in love with the scent. I think is one of the new ones =) Thank you honey bear =)...
Here is a close up over my new YSL inspired ring from Nelly and a close over probably my favorite eyeliner from Clarins, this is probably going to be my eye product of the month and Im thinking about doing a eye look only using that pencil =) 
And here is this adorable face kit from MAC from their latest holiday collection that my honey bear got for me =)... which contains three eyeshadows, two lipsticks, a bronzer, and a dual-ended lip and eyeshadow brush which is pretty good and omg the packaging is just so adorable =) Dont you think? I totally need to do a make up look with this kit =) 
Another thing that Honey bear got was this eyelash and eyebrow duo, which is a serum for eyebrows and eyelashesh... I love trying new things and this is something I've been intressting in for the longest time but I never had the courage to try it... I totally need to do a follow up about this... So far I' haven't experience any redness or anything weird so far... SO lets wait and see for the results =) 
Now this item, I decided to add to this post just because it arrived right in the middle of Christmas and it probably deserves a separate post, but oh well. So this necklace is from maxnina,  Now first of all... I bet that you guys probably know that sometimes some companies contact us bloggers to review products for free... and who doesnt love to get little things for free =) ...I really dont have anything against it as long as I feel comfortable about it... I think its fun and actually flattering... at the same time sometimes I feel like its a big responsibility...  So what happened was that they contact me a while ago and I picked one necklace and I know I talked to you about this here. The necklace never arrived and I waited and waited and when it finally arrived I got this one instead ( I was suppose to get a zebra print one), with no explications... I know that it was for free and all but still... And the fact that it took so long to arrived doest really bother me at all, I mean its understandable...This happens often... What bothers me is that when I try to contact them just to let them know what happen they dont respond... Now luckily for me or for them I happen to like this necklace.... I hope that they answer me so I can clear this up... I actually feel bad for this for some reason... Anyways Im going to go now to clean up and I hope I didnt offend anybody in any way with this post... Alright that's it... I will be posting part 2 of yesterdays post tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned =) 

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  1. My favourite piece is the Mac make up kit. It was on the top of my Christmas wishlist! Unfortunately I haven't received it :(

  2. Beautitful things and pictures. I love the necklace and it would be cool if you made review of the Mac makeup kit :)

  3. Great your MAC collections!


  4. I hope the Burberry Body works for you! It really is such a lovely scent. I tried it, and it just doesn't last on my skin =(

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  5. LOVE this post! I think it's a good idea to do this type of uploads sometimes :)

  6. ahw the mac kit! love it :)

    xx Vivi

  7. I love your new stuff! That ring is awesome and that necklace from maxnina is also great!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  8. great stuffs you got here! and i love that unique necklace too

  9. Love the necklace.

  10. that necklace is so gorgeous! unique and intricate.
    Lovely post.

  11. You got some fantastic stuff!! Love it!


  12. Lovely pieces, hope they will contact you.. how rude..

  13. Although you weren't suppossed to get the necklace i think it's really great!


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