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Friday, January 11, 2013

Wakakuu- fashion inspo

I stumbled across this webshop the other day called wakakuu, I think they are a swedish webshop.
I really like the name and the things that they have in stock but the only thing that I dont like is the prices... The prices are just totally out of my range but is good for windo/inspo shopping and also they have this cool section called "outfits" where they listed some of the coolest outfit's in my opinion... Not all of them suit my style but they totally inspired me =)
This one is one of my favorites and I think I can totally pull it of with the things I already own, I have the long skirt I just need to cut it like in the picture and on the top I would a grey sweater with my fur coat =) and that's it, I might add some red but we'll see...
The long cardigan on this one is just to die for
For this one I would totally need to get the polo sweater and I would go for a leather skirt and I would add some gold and that's it =) I already got the tweed jacket so Im pretty much covered =) 
I picked this look, cuz the model is totally rocking summer wear with winter wear and on top of that she is rocking the pastel trend... Super hot!
These 3 looks totally represent the casual chic but I dont care girl, and omg how gorg are the printed booties from Missoni : O
And finally, these two last looks I love cuz they totally give me and idea of what to wear to a party without looking trashy or cold, I would just change the shoes to make it more me.
Check out more outfits here
And that's it, I could go on and on and I really didnt had a plan for this look is just wanted to share this looks to inspire you and to just give an idea oh how my head spins when Im trying to get some inspiration... I think Im going to keep doing post like this, like fashion inspo/how would I wear it... because I had so much fun it with... I hope you liked this post and stay tuned cuz I will be posting and outfit of the day pretty soon and God morning sunshines =) have a great day!

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  1. everything looks so comfortable!!

    Francesca xo

  2. Great inspiration. I love it - it's so much my style! :D

  3. love the first one so cozy n sexy!

    The Blossom Girls♡

  4. wow so great. love the choice

  5. Lovely clothes! Too bad they are so expensive :(

  6. really love your selections here. especially the first one with that slit maxi skirt!


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