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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cozy DIY-ing

Hello girls, hope you had a great weekend, I spend my weekend with my friend Alexandra, on Friday we went out for drinks and on Saturday we had a major movie night, we stayed up until really late and watched around 5 movies.... I havent done that in a good while so it was super fun... One of the movies that we saw was " The perks of beinga wallflower" it was such a beautiful movie... Now I need to read the book... another movie that stood out from the films we watch was "Love and other drugs"... When I saw the trailer I tough it was going to be a little bit like "Friends with benefits" but it wasnt, it was a little bit like " Griffin & Phoenix" which by the is a movie must!!! But lets not talk about movies anymore. The whole purpose of this post was to talk about my latest DIY. I saw this lamps on a blog and I knew I needed to try it.. I think Im going to continue until I perfect it... and the coolest thing is that I fee like with this pattern I can do so much more... SO for this cozy DIY u are going to need: 
The glues is not really necessary it just depends on the kind of paper you use.. But its better to use a harder paper for this design.
So what you need to create first is this pattern. Now when it comes to the measurements it all depends on the type of jar you picked. But there are some steps that are obligatory... Make sure that your paper is strong enough, and that it goes around the jar.... Make sure to left out 3 or 2 cm on the top of the pattern, and also 1 - 1.5 cm on the lower part of your design. Lastly you need to make sure to leave 1 cm on the left and right side of your patter... The length of your paper or the diameter I should say is also something you can decided on your own.
The next step is to make the panels, this is also an individual decision but I decided to make them 1 cm each... The next part is to cut around the edges. Make a line in the middle and fold your design in the middle. You need to fold it in and out, to make sure the line is secure... Now you dont have to make the line in the middle but my advise is to do the line in the middle first and then you can experiment... The next thing you need to do is to fold the upper part and the lower part both facing the opposite direction or in other words you can just face you pattern down on the table and then fold the upper part and the lower part upwards... And just try to make it look like in the picture... The next part is cutting...  I you dont have a craft knife, you can fold the pattern again in the middle, make a little cut and then open your design and then cut following the lines that you drew in previously... as you can see in the picture above.. The next step is to fold your design, forming the shape of a cylinder.  Secure both edges and thats it
Happy DIYING =) 
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  1. I've always wanted to do that, thanks for the advice. great post
    xoxo pretty

  2. This is such a fun way to have light, great DIY post Amanda!

  3. Amazing and cute DIY! Thanks for sharing :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment, dear
    Follow u right now, hope u can follow me back!

  4. love this DIY! so original ;)


  5. Cool D.I.Y. You did nice a job. Meanwhile, I'm not a movie person but it is fun watching back-to-back-to-back movies with another person or a group of friends.


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