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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pawn shop blues

I cannot stop listening to  this song... I think its beautiful... The way Lana sings in this song is just so lovely to me... I dont really related to the lyrics... But I sure do have an experience or two of Pawn Shops... I once knew someone who sold something precious because they were in trouble, it was no biggy. But it was sad at the time, and this person got on its feet pretty quickly after that =)... But there is one line from this songs that got stuck in the deepest part of my brain and that is the part when she saids;  "Well, I didn't know it would come to this.... But that's what happens when you're on your own...  I often find myself wondering why some things get the way they get, I bet there are plenty of explanations but the second phase got me thinking... I wonder if the bad things that happen to us, happen because we were on our own?  This could be translated in so many ways and it doesn't literally mean that we were alone at that specific moment..  But it does mean, that we didn't seek for help, and that we were just to deep that we didn't see opportunities, we only saw close door, or maybe it means that it came to this because we were too on our own to see the bigger picture... 
I dont why Im thinking about this now, and it really doesn't apply to me now currently... But I do know that I often don't allow myself to ask for help... 



  1. Love the bag!!!

  2. ¡El color es precioso! Los anillos, el bolso.... y con la falda sientan de maravilla.

    Mil gracias por habernos comentado y haberte pasado por nuestro blog siempre ^^

    Un saludo grande, adoramos tu blog.

    P & C

  3. love the bag :)

  4. Ah man, some deep thoughts girl! I love how a good song can get you thinking...
    I think its all about a person's perspective. If all we see are closed doors, that's all we'll get. Sometimes, we need to search for an open window.
    Anyway, love the closeup shot! Cute bag :)

    Trendy Teal

  5. Lana Del Rey is simply mesmerizing isn't she?

    xo Jennifer

  6. pale baby pink! so cute!

    The Blossom Girls♡

  7. that is one really great find! I loving visiting my favorite Gainesville Pawn Shop here in Florida, even when I don't buy anything I still see some very interesting items. It's always a good time


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