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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eurovision time

Hello girls, I'v been super busy this week. The weather has change so much and its wonderful. Today I was thinking about doing a shoot and doing some school work. I need to be productive becuase tonight its Eurovision Time. And omg this time is in Malmö (swedish city I used to live in) And I cannot wait for tonight. Are you guys watching the show tonight? Who are you voting for?

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  1. Definitely gonna watch!! My absolute favorites are Greece, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway...and hmmmm who did I leave out...Not gonna vote though :D Btw what do you think of Finland's entry this year? Personally I think Krista is a really good singer and performer but don't like the song too much :/ Interesting to see how it goes!

    1. Im totally looking forward to see Romania even though its not my favorite. My top 3 are Sweden, Russia and maybe Israel and I also like Ireland. I think Krista is alright, too bad she is too much like Kesha =(... Have a great Eurovision evening =)

  2. I don't think I will be watching because I missed out on the first semi-finals. Otherwise I'm looking forward to see how Iceland performs (since I live here lol). Other than that I havent really heard any of the song contest songs.

  3. Greece were soooooooo good! Awh yeah. I love Eurovision!

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  5. Jag kommer definitivt att kolla! Jag hoppas såklart att Robin vinner för hans är typ bästa..annars var Danmarks också bra! Rumäniens var ganska unik haha :)

  6. I am so sad I missed the show!


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