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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do something that scares you


Hello friends. I hope you are enjoying your summer... Let just jump right ahead with what's in mind... And I wanna start by saying this : I really hate how some people tend to think they got me all figure out base on the way that I'm around certain people... Why is it that being reserved automatically reads as boring, uncool, less smart or whatever.. I hate the fact that people underestimate me just because of certain things that are part of who I am... Of curse I do wish I was more daring sometimes and more chill but at the same time being the way that I am and not trying to be somebody else is always the way to go and it works... Being the life of the party does not mean that you are the most successful in the room. Even though I come to love more and more the way that I am, I do know that there is room for improvement, believe me I know... 

I have great things coming ahead that totally scare me but I'm getting prepared mentally and physically to grab the bull by the horns... Im getting ready to do something that scares me...
I wanna end this post by saying that I will be posting shortly about the new things coming ahead and also I wanted to tell you that sometimes is OK to share your achievements with those that  are trying to putting you down... I know that people that do this do it because they are insecure, but please dont let people think they can totally walk all over you. Underestimating people, putting people down its never OK! Dont let them get away with it! You dont need to be rude or walk all over people to achieve your goals!

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  1. that belt and skirt are gorgeous! you have great style

    Great post and blog! Would love it if you could check out mine!


  2. Love how the accessories make it pop! I love blue!

  3. Such a cool belt, love it :)
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC or bloglovin'??


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  4. very cute belt and I definitely agree with this post, you don't have to be mean to achieve your goals people often forget this and get being driven confused with being mean, there's many other ways to achieve your goals and being mean is not one of them

    Deejay Speaks

  5. You look amazing Amanda! I love the bold statement belt and your hat :)

    Trendy Teal

  6. awesome!

    i invite to me too

  7. Fab look honey, I really like the belt *-*

    Carolina + GIVEAWAY

  8. Love your skirt!


  9. You look gorgeous. Love the skirt.


    Style of Purity

  10. nice cap and belt :)

  11. AMAZING!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!

  12. nice pic! <3

  13. This is such a cute and chic look! I love the bright blue and the skirts length. Suits you wodnerfully! ;)

  14. Love the pop of yellow and the blue is so pretty. And indeed sometimes it is good to share your success with people that always try and put you down. It's the way to go and showing people that once someone is motivated to do something they love, no one should be able to stop

  15. I love it when you rock cobalt blue! Your accessories are super cool to, great look! I understand what you are saying dear, I am similar to you, I am quite reserved and fairly quiet and personally I don't think thats a negative, it's just our make up, who we are and to be honest sometimes I think it's better to be underestimated because you'll make more of an impact on those who doubted you :)

    take care,
    Daniella xox

  16. You've got the right attitude and a good heart, that's all i can say :) <3

    AND looking cute as always!

  17. Perfect look ^^
    I love your belt and shoes :)

    New post - Kisses

  18. I think I know at least a litle how you feel - mainly because we're kind of in the same position, as I am facing great choices (greater and more important than ever before). But I think it's normal that in life, the things we have to carry get heavier and heavier the more experienced we grow. We shouldn' forget: Not only do we grow older, but also more competent. :) And being more careful and thinking things through more thorughly doesn't necessarily mean that one is a coward - being more thoughtful and considering and still taking chances and acting, that's truly brave. :) I'm sure whatever tasks you have to master, you will be just fine. :) Believe in yourself and that you have the skills to master all these tasks. :)

    About what other people think: People will ALWAYS judge, and they won't only judge you, they will also judge themselves through you (if someone is quiet, for example, they know that whenever they're quiet, they have resentments towards someone... even if that quiet person is really just sad or tired. Do you know what I mean? I can't explain it any better right now, sorry, I'm kind of tired. ^^). But I've experiences similar things many times before - as everyone has, probably. I'm naturally very careful around people, it's nothing personal, it's just my basic character trade, but people always think that I don't like them personally...
    You should always be the way you are - that way, you find out which people you really get along with and are worth spending time with, and which people you're not compatible with.
    Don't bother the latter... ;)

    BTW: You look stunning in these pictures, I love your style. :)


  19. Awesome outfit! So cool:)

  20. I love those shoes!

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