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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October

12 sep 2013_52
27 sep 2013_2

Hello girls! October is here, already!!! I know, it s crazy how time flies, but I guess its better that way... I had such a terrible weird dream last night and then I couldn't fall back to sleep... I wanted to I fall back to sleep but it was actually too late to sleep without feeling stressed ( you know those days when you know you could sleep for an hour or two but you actually need to get going?)... I have so stuff to do so I better get going... This week I definitely need to do some laundry... catch on my reading and finish somethings that I've been just saving for later... Im a huge procrastinator sometimes... The month of September has been great.... I moved to a new place, I started school, a new job, I started new projects, I 've been extremely busy and I also started a little on my internship... Sometimes I feel like I m doing to much so there are days when I can hardly get up... But I still keep it moving...  So here I decided to do a post that sums up my month in a very easy breezy way... But as you all know, every picture has a story... So bring it on October =) Im totally ready... Btw, did you notice how at the begining of the month I was wearing a lot of white and black and then I closed up the month with red... Hmm I wonder why it turned out that way... Maybe this means that I need more color into my life...
Oh yead, and that last pictures was actually taken at the annual book fair here in Gothenburg... I was there representing Realstars (my insternship) and asking people to sign our petition against human trafficking... 

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  1. pretty pics!! ;-)

    new post

  2. guapa en todas las fotos! me encantan tus outfits!

  3. This post is gorgeous love love love

  4. Oh !
    I love those shoes from the first photo !

  5. You've got a great sense of style. Love your looks and your hair too.

  6. Gorgeous! I love your style and those white shoes are so so perfect
    The Koalafornian x


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