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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Under construction

undercons Collage
Trousers:(similar here) Bag:, , Shirt H&M , Coat (H&M)

Hello everyone! What do you think of my prescription glasses? I recently started wearing them again I actually used to wear glasses when I was a kid... And now I need to wear them again, it sucks! But oh well... I think I look alright and I still look like myself... You know there are people that look totally different when they put their glasses on... Do you wear prescription glasses? Do you love it or hate it? 

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The blue bird is out of the closet

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. I had a great weekend... I did some work and I finally got some time to relax... And I also got the time to shoot some OOTD.... This was one of them....  I have been saving this blue jacket for months now... I've been waiting for the perfect occasion or the perfect match to wear it... I hate when that happens so one day out of the blue I  finally decided to weird... I'm so happy I did =). Yay me!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let's face H

cap(Chicnova), Coat(H&M), knitwear(H&M), Skirt(persunmall)

Mmm I love blue coats for winter! I got my first blue coat from my mom... And ever since I've been wearing blue coats for the colder months.... For this season I decided to upgrade my blue coat... And so I got this one, that is very similar to the one that  Gisele Bunchen is wearing on an H&M campaign... Have you seen it ?

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Polka dots for good luck


Hello its Sunday bunday! I love sleeping in on Sunday's its my favorite thing to do... I went out for a shoot early on today and then I came back to bed... I love doing that as welll... But now I cannot get out of bed... But I will get up soon enough....I need to get some stuff done =)... Anyways how are you girls? Are you enjoying your weekend? and have you heard that expression about polka dots? Are they really for good luck? I dont really know, but I remember the day I was wearing this outfit so well, everything was going so smoothly and I kept telling myself that it was because of the polka dots =)... So maybe there is so truth to that...

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Plummy, plummy lips


Hey there! So these pictures are actually almost two months old.. I shot them back in October when Rihanna's fall mac collection came up... I didnt manage to get my hands on her plummy lipstick but I did get the nude one... And while drooling over the mac counter I found this gorgeous plum lipstick called Media... I think this lipstick matches me so well. I also got a lip- pencil to outline the color perfectly... I m going to do a little post about it.. But girls what do you think about my dark plummy lipstick? Yay or Nay? 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wanties of the day

Blaze sweater(here), Red floral (here), leather jacket (here), black floral (here), skirt (here), Pink coat (here), bag (here), Shoes/pumps (here)

Hellow there! I was going to start this post by ranting/complaining about the weather, how it has been raining everyday and the fact that I dont have any spare time to do the things I love... But I'm afraid that I'm starting to sound like a broken record... I always complain about the weather and the lack of time .... So from now I m just going to avoid doing that.... I hate cold chat anyways... last night working with the YMCA we watch the movie the bling ring... I heard about it a while ago and I didnt think to much about it...  And I never though I would see it...  I really have no idea why the picked that movie... It was just a little bit disturbing to see how these kids got away with all the things they did, and I dont know if it was the way the movie was made or what but I just felt a little bit like their punishment wasnt to hard... and it was like some of them didnt even feel bad or remorseful about what they did... And omg what was the deal with their parents... They were pretty much like walls if you know what I mean... Oh I got a really uncomfortable feeling afterwards... And I felt like the movie could eventually be a bad influence on kids... So after work I came home I did the dishes and I felt a sleep and now it feels like I slept for hours and I cannot go back to sleep... So that's why I decided to do some window shopping over at persunmall haha =)... I was so surprise to see my picture on their main page... I think its super bizarre to see your photo posted somewhere online and you dont even know it until somebody tells you or you accidentally stumble across it..I think this is going to be a great subject to talk about with my girlgroup tomorrow... I have planned out some exercises that we can do so I think its going to be awesome... I let you know how it goes... But now I think Im going to sleep =) And I'm going to leave you with a coupon/discount for persunmall 

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PersunMall coupon codes for 
Thanksgiving Day


Friday, November 8, 2013

November rain melts the styrofoam away

PicMonkey6jh Collage
 PicMonkey889 Collage
Jumper (persunmall here), coat(second hand H&M), shoes (

Hello girls! The weekend is here! Finally we can breath again... This week has been so hectic I started my intership at the NGO the works against human trafficking... I feel so overwhelm but I 'm going to try to be cool and just learn as much as possible and do my best =) ... Im about to take a shower but I wanted to share this look with you =) Have a lovely evening guys =) 

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it

PicMonkey Collag7e
Skirt: Persunmall (here), Jumper: H&M, Hat:Cubus, Shoes: Jeffrey C, Lita

Oh sorry for the lack of posts this week..I've been busy busy with school because we had to hand in a paper... I wrote a paper about the intersection of class, gender and race as simultaneous processes of identity creation and I use some examples from pop culture.. I know it sounds kinda weird but I think it turn out pretty good. Today I was at work pretty much all the day and Im so tired but I'm super proud because today me and another college from work, held a mini introductory training day for young leaders... I'm totally tired but this day was just so rewarding... This was my first time doing something like this... I have done similar stuff but still... I think my 15 year old self would be in total chock if she knew all the things she would be doing in the future... I was totally shy when I was growing up.. But it wasn't like that always .... Things started to go wrong when we (my family and I) started our journey here in Europe being the new black kid wasnt always as popular and so I started to get bullied so I just shut myself out... For yearssssss.... Im still struggling with my shyness/ being a loner attitude but it has improved. Going trough that has really taught me soo soo much... But anyways for those who are wondering I work part- time at the YMCA... 
Im so happy to be back blogging and I hope to keep it going... On today's look Im wearing this grey sweater that I got from H&M and this cute skirt that I got from  Persunmall... And yes Im still rocking my Litas, Im  never going to get tired of them =)... 

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