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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wanties of the day

Blaze sweater(here), Red floral (here), leather jacket (here), black floral (here), skirt (here), Pink coat (here), bag (here), Shoes/pumps (here)

Hellow there! I was going to start this post by ranting/complaining about the weather, how it has been raining everyday and the fact that I dont have any spare time to do the things I love... But I'm afraid that I'm starting to sound like a broken record... I always complain about the weather and the lack of time .... So from now I m just going to avoid doing that.... I hate cold chat anyways... last night working with the YMCA we watch the movie the bling ring... I heard about it a while ago and I didnt think to much about it...  And I never though I would see it...  I really have no idea why the picked that movie... It was just a little bit disturbing to see how these kids got away with all the things they did, and I dont know if it was the way the movie was made or what but I just felt a little bit like their punishment wasnt to hard... and it was like some of them didnt even feel bad or remorseful about what they did... And omg what was the deal with their parents... They were pretty much like walls if you know what I mean... Oh I got a really uncomfortable feeling afterwards... And I felt like the movie could eventually be a bad influence on kids... So after work I came home I did the dishes and I felt a sleep and now it feels like I slept for hours and I cannot go back to sleep... So that's why I decided to do some window shopping over at persunmall haha =)... I was so surprise to see my picture on their main page... I think its super bizarre to see your photo posted somewhere online and you dont even know it until somebody tells you or you accidentally stumble across it..I think this is going to be a great subject to talk about with my girlgroup tomorrow... I have planned out some exercises that we can do so I think its going to be awesome... I let you know how it goes... But now I think Im going to sleep =) And I'm going to leave you with a coupon/discount for persunmall 

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  1. loving your picks! in love with the coat's colour <3


  2. Oh I enjoyed watching The Bling Ring but I can see what you mean about it being a bad influence on teenagers.
    Love the floral jumpers and sleek looking handbag.

  3. A lot of your wanties are my wanties as well!!!!
    Love your selection!!

  4. Love these picks, especially the coat.


  5. Omg! I'm in love with the pink coat... awesome!

  6. Now I want all of these too...especially that leather sleeved jacket!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. I would be a very happy girl with all these in my wardrobe.



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