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Saturday, November 2, 2013

We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it

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Skirt: Persunmall (here), Jumper: H&M, Hat:Cubus, Shoes: Jeffrey C, Lita

Oh sorry for the lack of posts this week..I've been busy busy with school because we had to hand in a paper... I wrote a paper about the intersection of class, gender and race as simultaneous processes of identity creation and I use some examples from pop culture.. I know it sounds kinda weird but I think it turn out pretty good. Today I was at work pretty much all the day and Im so tired but I'm super proud because today me and another college from work, held a mini introductory training day for young leaders... I'm totally tired but this day was just so rewarding... This was my first time doing something like this... I have done similar stuff but still... I think my 15 year old self would be in total chock if she knew all the things she would be doing in the future... I was totally shy when I was growing up.. But it wasn't like that always .... Things started to go wrong when we (my family and I) started our journey here in Europe being the new black kid wasnt always as popular and so I started to get bullied so I just shut myself out... For yearssssss.... Im still struggling with my shyness/ being a loner attitude but it has improved. Going trough that has really taught me soo soo much... But anyways for those who are wondering I work part- time at the YMCA... 
Im so happy to be back blogging and I hope to keep it going... On today's look Im wearing this grey sweater that I got from H&M and this cute skirt that I got from  Persunmall... And yes Im still rocking my Litas, Im  never going to get tired of them =)... 

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  1. Oooh, I love this outfit Amanda! The red leather skirt, chunky sweater, edgy beanie, Litas....AHHH, PERFECTION!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I love the sweater and skirt!!! :)

  3. Amazing sweater! And I really like the title of the post! So much truth!

  4. Pretty pretty jumper and your skirt's so different, love

  5. Perfect style, love that skirt, the perfect fall\winter colors!

  6. I love the heavy textured knit with the burgundy skirt! Awesome urban-chic look :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  7. Great look! I tend to get shy with new people because I've been left out in school at times (not in high school though) etc.. I'm glad your doing good with your job:)

  8. I can soooo relate to your feelings, I tend to get really awkward and shy at times...especially among crowds. Good for you for not letting it stop you though! :))
    Love the leather skirt, the colour is so dreamy <3

  9. Did I ever mention how I love your Look ? hahaha

    Serah de Fashix

  10. Love your sweater! xx

  11. I love your look you're beautiful :)

  12. Gorgeous outfit. I love your skirt x

  13. love the combination of that sweater & faux leather skirt. looks greattt!


  14. so so chic!!! happy monday, dear)) xx))

  15. you truly look in this outfit!! ;) it's amazing how great you look when you walk with these shoes!

  16. Super chic. Will you like to follow each other on GFC? xoxo
    New Post Fashion Talks

  17. SUPER cute look! We're loving the oxblood mini! Perfect!

    xx from NYC
    Davie and Erica

  18. So in love with your blog,really! I've just discovered it and I've been kept by your unique and amazing style, you got one more daily reader honey, I think your style fits perfectly with mine and I find you so inspiring, if you want you can have a look to my blog too, and maybe if you like it we can also follow each other, just let me know and congrats again, you're having such a great job :)

  19. That skirt is EVERYTHING! I need a flowy leather one because all I have right now is a pencil xo

  20. Sorry that you were bullied, but i don't know you only from blogging you have such a sweet and honest spirit. Keep on rolling cause your cool chic gal! I love this leather burgundy skirt and sweater such a cool combo!

    xoxo Akinyi


  21. I love your outfit!!

    I decided to open a new blog! I'll wait! :)


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