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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Coffee and Snow

Denim (Cubus), Beanie (Cubus), Sweater (Persunmall), Shoes/booties (Persunmall)

Hello friends!  How are you doing? Did you forgot about me?  I've been away for a while so I hope still haven't forgotten about me =) and my little blog!.... I've been busy with my internship and then I was away in Stockholm. But Now I m back, I got a package from persunmall the other day and I couldn't wait to show to you what I got... So what do you think about my sweater and my booties? I really liked my booties the only thing that I didnt like is that I m pretty sure their sizes are a little bit small... I dont know if I need to break them in ... I dont think that they would fit if I got a bigger size so Im going to break them in and see what happens.... At the moment is pretty cold so tight shoes are not a good combination... I still love them because of the color, dont you thnik?

Oh and yeah one more thing... I know that what I'm about to tell you is going to sound a little weird... But I think that many people do it and often find them selves in my shoes. So here it goes!  I was on a meeting the other day for my internship... and you know before the meeting the host always ask you if you want coffee or something...  That's pretty common so that not weird at all, but here is when it all goes wrong... I dont really drink coffee, at least not black coffee, Im not a heavy coffee drinker and I hate that everybody in the work place seems to be so addictive to coffee... So, sometimes when I want to play smart and grown up  and whenever I'm in a group meeting and everybody saids that they want coffee, it happens from time to time that I agree on having cup of coffee so that they dont think I'm odd or something... And I sit there and I pretend to sip it and I never finish it up... This has been my secret for years now... But my mentor started to notices that... And she make a kind of uncomfortable remark on that... So I really cannot hide it as well anymore... Sometimes I dont care and I just say that I want tea...  But for some dumb reason I feel like its a inconvenience for the host when somebody asks for tea.. And I always get that weird comment: Oh so you dont drink coffee ??!!!!.. Like I am an odd person... Its super annoying... Can you guys relate?

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  1. This top is sooo nice and love your shoes!

  2. Love everything about this look! Especially I love your shoes!! :)

  3. I love how you put this outfit together! :) x

  4. Oo cool sweater and loving the colour of your boots, they add a great twist to the look. Awesome as always dear :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. To be honest I'm a heavy coffee drinker too so I don't really have that problem. But I think you shouldn't change your habits for people! If you don't like coffee and prefer tea, drink tea! They shouldn't judge you for that, they're the odd ones if they do it in my opinion!
    Btw I love your sweater and the color of your booties!!

  6. You look so amazing! I love the sweater :)

  7. Cute sweatshirt and very appropriate for this post! I don't drink coffee as well and I don't drink alcohol either so it gets pretty weird when I'm at a party and I say I don't drink lol. People seems to think its standard, everyone should drink coffee & drink alcohol but we are all different. Anyway, I usually ask for water instead so that its not so weird and sometimes I just say I have doctor's orders sometimes I just don't care. So I totally understand your situation.
    On another note I can't believe you came to stockholm and didnt tell me, it would've been great to meet up. Next time please please let me know!
    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Omg I know! I was thinking about it the whole time... But I was there for a short period of time... And I had to work all the time with no free =(... But I dont think its going to be last time I visit Stockholm =)

  8. Love everything about this outfit!! That sweater is perfection <3 Started following you with Bloglovin' too!



  9. ohhh me encanta el sweater y como te queda con todo lo demas! xoxo

  10. And I want this one in mine, you are such BOMB !!!


  11. How awesome is that sweater!! Love it! x

  12. Hahaha I am like you! I don't really drink coffee and I hate tea so it's always awkward not just at work but with friends too! You know when they want to catch up over coffee. I usually sit there with a glass of water. Very awkward lol


  13. that's such a cool sweater:) love the quote and the animal printed sleeves:)
    lots of love xx

  14. Cool booties! xx

  15. Super chic! A bit grunge, a bit glam, lovely!


  16. A great look!
    The sweatshirt and the boots are very cool!


  17. I love the sweater and shoes, you complimented this look so well! I know shoes are hard especially getting them online. I definitely bought shoes online that I have to squeeze my foot into. I can so relate! Oh yeah, I'm not a coffee drinker unless I couldn't sleep the night before. I love tea, I have this tea similar to chai tea from my country. It's super good and has caffeine in it. So beat that!

    xoxo Akinyi


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