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Friday, August 15, 2014

Birkenstock: Are they here to stay

I was one of those bloggers that didn't jump on the birkenstock bandwagon. I love them on others, but for me, hmm who knows. Im very short and I don't fall for flats very easily. I keep thinking that a white pair of Birkenstock would look so stunning on my feet and they would gorgeous against my skin... and I love how chic they look and I actually love the whole style behind it. For me they are the definition of casual summer holiday chic! But are they here to stay. I've been seeing flats/ birkenstock inspired sandals every where and I wonder will they be back or be still as hot next summer.If they are, I might end up getting a pair of of whites... While the fashion gods decide on that. Lets enjoy some  Birkenstock a la tumblr inspo =) 



  1. Gotta love the white ones! I've been debating on getting a pair or not as well haha :)

  2. I love them so much, but I as well have not bought a pair yet for the same reasons:)

    A doll Without Style

  3. Great post & you are absolutely right & actually I haven't bought them yet neither, but they look so great on others! I think they are really stylish & different! Thumbs up for Birk's!

    Have a lovely Weekend!

  4. If you have hallux valgus (bunions), you will love them. otherwise you should wear high heels!


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