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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Do what scares you

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Long kimono/dress:Yoyomelody, Crop top & Boots:Monki, Denim:Cubus

Hi guys! Omg, when is this week going to end. Don't get me wrong, I've been loving this week so far. But this is the second time I come home and I'm completely paralyze of exhaustion. I always thinking that Im going to come home and do a bunch of things, like exercise and get other things ready, but guess not. Today was a really rewarding day.Its nice to know that you are getting better att something that you used to suck at. I was at a high school today talking about my job (at the YMCA) and recruiting new people to our actives. I used to suck at holding presentation mostly because talking in front crowds is not my forte ( I still think I suck at it) . Talking infront of huge audience scares the hell out of me. So it just feels so good to know that Im getting better in that department. When It comes to speaking in front of an audience the only cure is practice. When I was done I felt so accomplished with my self. It was an amazing feeling. 

But hey, what do you think about my floral kimono? It was actually a long dress that I decided to make into a kimono, because I felt like it looked better this way. This was actually send to me together with some other things from a store called Yoyomelody. I wish they had more stuff, I feel they need to expand their variety, but the quality of the clothes is alright for the price. And their shipping is pretty fast as well. So Im pretty much feel that I was introduced to this online store. 

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  1. Killer boots! x

  2. I like that you rocked it as a kimono instead of as a dress. Love your classic pairing with your jeans and T. The kimono is very girly but I love how the combat boots make this look edgier. My parents always used to say practice makes perfect, thumbs up to getting better at public speaking too.

    Princess Audu

  3. nice cape!! ;>>


  4. Nice outfit! Love THE combinations! X

  5. For me it's also really difficult to talk and make presentations for huge crowds so I get it. Congrats on getting better at it :)
    Love the long kimono, it's beautiful!

  6. Loove your kimono! Cute outfit :)

  7. You look so stunning. The first picture is absolutely cool. Love the long cardi!


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