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Monday, September 22, 2014

Le village antik meets Notting hill

coat:Monki, boots& Tshirt: H&M, mom jeans topshop 

Godmorning guys! Don't be surprise that Im wearing mom jeans again, I told you I was going to be living in them for a while! Last time when I was at topshop I decided to get two pairs and this is the other pair I got...I've been loving the slouchy meets put together style lately. I guess that the coat is responsible for bringing the whole look together. This oversize coat is one of my favorite pieces in my closet at the moment, so you are probably going to see me in it again. I decided to get it after my favorite coat got stolen last time I was out clubbing. I know Im short but this length kinda works for me, don't you think? 
Ahh, I love this part of the city in the day light, at night time this turns into a place where almost all the hipsters hang out... But at daylight it almost feels like traveling back in time... In a way I like to think this looks is a little bit like Paris meets London.. or am I wrong? 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Why can´t you be happy with me

Crop top + Boots (Monki), Cardigan+ Skrit +Necklace + Hat(H&M)

I can't wait you see me 'round the corner, 
running up into the upswing
Call me, I'm done, when I speak about the truth
The moment come the bottom to the down beat, 
It's not easy there when you feel the wear
Patients bring the chair, ooh-oh oooh-oh

Everyday do you notice that we're never free
Why can't you be Happy with me?
Everyday we are running, though we're not trapped in the sea
Oh, why can't you be Happy with me?!
Oh, why can't you be Happy with me?!

Holychild Im in love with you! I found this new indie band called holychild. I just watched an interview that explains the meaning behind their cool songs and now I feel more in love... The song are basically a critic towards the image of ourselves that is being projected, reproduced, constructed and indoctrinated trough the media and social norms. She basically criticized gender roles, having to follow norms and unconsciously/secretly loving the fact that you are following a systematical structure because you are longing for stability. Happy with me is about our lack of freedom, we are basically trapped in a world that constructs ours live by reproducing power relations, norms and so on. In a world like that being outside the norm becomes instantly a problem... So that's why the hook goes, Why can't you be happy with ME. 

At the moment I'm  so obsessed about this song because I feel like people and the rest of world usually can't accept us just the way we are. In relationships, friendships and even in inside of our families I see we are always expecting more from us. I also know that every time I hear: why can't you be happy with me... And immediately, I think about my five year relationship that ended rather abruptly (just recently) and being rejected by another guy soon after that... 
The part when she sings that we are not free and we keep running away almost as we were trapped in the sea is something I can totally relate in so many different ways. The fact that I always find myself running away from conflicts, somehow always finding myself in sensitive matters, always wanting to move, the feeling of being trapped, feeling overwhelm and also feeling underestimated is so frustrating and numbing. I know it has to do with my insecurities and what not. I wish I could be more accepting and I wish others could be more accepting of me. But at the same time I know there is a limit and I know that I will never accept bad behavior from people just because they are the way the are. Being rude and playing games, playing with emotions is not natural. And never OK

I think Im going to end it here... Before I disclose to much and I lose the flow... I love music like this, its accessible, catchy but it also makes you think about the lyrics and the meaning behind them... Why can't you be happy with me? 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I wear my heart on my sleeve


Mom jeans, mom jeans! Why its that we end up loving what we used to hate. I loved seeing mom jeans on others and I always thought they were not for me. I was out shopping this saturday, I casually entered topshop without the intention of buying any denim, I saw this pair of mom jeans and I decided to get them... Im so happy that I got them... Im pretty sure Im going to be leaving in them this winter... 

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunflowers are for dreamers

dress:(yoyomelody), bag:(Topshop),Jacket&Boots(H&M)

Hello everybody! I was going to start this post by telling you about my hectic week at work... I was going to tell you that I finally voted and that I cannot wait for this elections to be over... I was going to tell you that I'm so over the elections, politics and hypocrisy... 
But instead I wanna talk to you about sunflowers, dreams, freedom, love, believing, expectations and the future. I believe that sunflowers are one of the most underestimated flowers. I believe that Im really close to finding my way back so that I can finally get in touch with myself again...and when I get there I will find freedom from my thoughts that are keeping away from accomplishing my dreams, And this time I won't run away like I always do... I m sure Im going to find love and then I know that Im not going to be hard on myself for having high expectations... I thought my life and future was already written... And I was fine with what I though my life was going to be... Now I know that I still own the power to rewrite my future and Im know that I will not be afraid of it.... And at the end I just want to end by saying that I love sunflowers, because sunflowers are for understatemated dreamers like me...

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Blanc sur blanc


I know Its been awhile since I posted anything... I wish I could give you a straight forward reason for why I've been away, but I can't... I feel  like I am all over the place. I feel like I have a million things to do and I still haven't find structure. I took time off from school and actually last friday I started paying my student loan. Its feels nice, but I cannot wait to actually be done with school... I'm going to make an afford to get my schedule back on track. 

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