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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amandawithtlove: The introduction

Hey girls! As most of you know I took a long break from blogging and now that I'm back, Im in the process of reinventing my blog. Im thinking about the name done n done and Im contemplating on changing it to amandawithlove. But its going to be a while. But I though it would be wise to make a reintroduction about myself and what i want to focus on when it comes to blogging. So without further due. Here it is: 

My name is a Amanda and I’m a intersectional postcolonial young woman trying to make it in this world surrounded by whiteness. I was born In Costa Rica but I spend my early teens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and then I move to Sweden at the age of 15.  It’s been almost 12 years since I move here. Because of my studies in International relations and gender studies I’m naturally incline towards working against structural problems of our society. In the last two years I have been working with newcomers/migrant youth and unaccompanied refugees. And I’m currently involved in associations that work against racism and sexism.  I created with the intention of combining my scholar background and my love for fashion. I created this blog to express my creative side. Now many years later after the creation of this blog, Im ready merge the worlds by talking more about personal style and how it’s deeply attached with stereotypes and misconceptions. How important its to express your self in the way you want to. Without having to conform to mainstream ideas of what its cool and what is not. I want talk about representation within the fashionblogging community and why the mainstream beauty ideal is almost exclusively white. So now, let it all sink in and welcome to my personal style blog.



  1. happy to see u here))) really like ur idea ab new conseption of ur blogg!!! u r lookin cool, btw))

  2. Thats amazing! I think you should go in that direction with your blog! Have you heard of the term 'third culture kid' cause thats what we are haha we have lived most of our developing years outside our parents culture. Love your blog and keep up the amazing posts! x


  3. welcome back love


  4. You look so cool! :) I love these pictures...

    Have a great weekend!

  5. LOVVVE your blue kimono! STUNNING!!! Sooo chic and cool with your kicks!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  6. I love that you'll be including more serious topics in your blog! I think you're beautiful and your style is always on point. Looking forward to what's next for this blog!

    Jamie |


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