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Sunday, July 12, 2015

From now on...

Top:BikBok, Skirt: Monky, Shoes:GinaTricot

From now on... I promise myself to stop being in such a hurry! For a while now I have been looking back at what I have done over the past 6 years and I've notice that I've been living my life constantly in a hurry. Ever since I finished high school I've been in such hurry to finish this thing I called my never ending bucket list. I never got it until now,  but having a never ending bucket list is just not a healthy way of leaving. Specially if you don't appreciate what you have accomplished so far.  I had my life figure out step by step... thats what I though... But and now that Im almost at the end of this chapter I'm way to overwhelm to get my sh*t together!!  Where did all my energy disappear?  I know why I've been in such a hurry, but I don't know why I haven't been able to slow down. 
I think I should just go to sleep now, before I go in too deep. Todays look is one of my favorite so far. Wearing black on black has become a thing that I can't let go... Sometimes I think to myself what would happen if one day I wake up to closet full of black and white clothes. 



  1. It's hard to slow down, and I alwys struggle with that. But I'm inspired to try as well!
    Love these white sandals you're rocking as well <3

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  2. awesome look!

  3. You look so cool !

  4. Great post! You look pretty!

  5. I love these shoes; you can never go wrong with a pair of chunky sandals!!!

  6. I love these shoes; you can never go wrong with a pair of chunky sandals!!!

  7. LOVE this outfit!! <3


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