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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rain coat season: Mens street style

 source: google, tumblr and Pinterest 

I don't want to think that summer is over, but I think that is an unavoidable fact that I need come to terms with. It has been raining the whole week and think that could be a clear sign of fall. I 've been sick so I 've been off work. I know I've have mention this before. But one of my favorite things to do on my free time is to check out beautiful photography. One of my favorite categories that I always fall back in to is STREET STYLE: I love dreaming about snapping photos on different fashion weeks. Getting my picture taken by other photographers. Sitting on the front row of various fashion show. And just leaving and breathing fashion. Since Im contemplating on getting myself a rain coat. I thought that you all would appreciate a post like this. 

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  1. very nice

  2. Love these rain coats!! Nice post!!!
    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. Great photos, never knew that rain coats could look so cool

  4. You are so beautiful and you picture looks so charming


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